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The last two days have been...different. Yesterday we were teaching P1, and all of a sudden the kids ran out of the room. The whole school evacuated because these guys were going around spraying pesticides in a white cloud thing. Of course, we were left out of the loop and had no clue it was going to happen, and at the time didnt know what was happening.

Today we turned up to teach but first class was cancelled and we were asked to join the schools national non-smoking day parade. So we walked around Chaloklam holding our signs(in Thai, it coulda said anything, "I'm a stupid englishman who can't even read his own sign", although I think it was a proper sign :p). 3 girls with a big banner leading the way, then me and emma, random english joining in behind them, followed by all the students, the staff, and drums playing. Really strange but fun. The kids were in either height or age order at first, but by the end the tall older kids and the short younger ones were all at the front. We were letting them hold half of our signs, but they got bored of carrying them quickly(we carried them the whole way and didnt complain!). Strange couple of days. We went for a meal in Haad Rin a couple of nights ago, and I bought some pirate dvds from a shop there. Juno(good quality, dvd rip), The Incredible Hulk, Superhero Movie, Kung Fu Panda(All filmed in a cinema, but watchable quality. And Indiana Jones(awful quality, I swear I'm not meant to see this movie).

Anyways, until next time...

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Koh Phangan
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