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Sorry I haven't been blogging. As most people I know will know my passport has been lost so I've had other things on my mind. I'll try and say what I've done since the last time, but I can't remember the dates so it's just general.

Well, my wonderful mother(I know you're reading this so I'll creep) and her boyfriend Dave came out to visit for three weeks. On their first Friday on the island, I took them into school to teach P4 and P2(2 of the best classes) and they say they enjoyed it. I spent a fair bit of time at Milky Bay resort where they were staying and lost many games of pool to the staff who play all day on the uneven tables with the wonky cues(hows that for excuses?).

We went on a day trip around the island. First we went to the Elephant camp at BanTai and rode an elephant, or me and Dave did, SOMEONE chickened out :p It was different and I'm glad I did it, but I'll stick to TukTuks in future. I also fed the Elephant bananas. I grabs them from your hand with its trunk, and is fairly frightening at first. We then went to the Chinese Temple, I'd already been but this time I got to ask the guide what the writing on a boulder said, and it says "cool heart stone" because its meant to calm you down. We then went to Chaloklaam bay and got in a longtail boat, which i was sure would capsize but didn't. They stopped to snorkel but needless to say I wasn't getting in the sea surrounded by fish. I stayed on the boat and threw bread in the water to attract the fish. This was fun enough at first, but then we started throwing bread at the swimmers to make the fish attack them, which was more fun. Next was Thong Nai Pan which is a nice beach, then Thon Sadet waterfall, which wasn't as impressive as i'd hoped. I haven't been too impressed by Phangan waterfalls to be honest.

I've taught my last day of school, and it still upsets me to think I won't be going back, at least for a couple of years. We stayed for lunch. Kroo Joke(our supervisor teacher) brought us pizza, no rice and water for me! and there was a basket of fruit. I tried Rambutan, which were ok, some random fruit i havent heard of or seen again since, and mangosteen, which is horrible :p Then they got all the kids in the school to come and sit in the canteen and give us a round of applause as goodbye. They got Mon from P2(mine and Emmas favourite in the school, but we didnt have favourites cos we're professional :P) to give us each a pink rose, then a girl from P3 gave emma her present and Jim from P5(my joint 2nd favourite) gave me my present. We each got a thai silk thing, I can't remember what Emmas had on it, but mine had Chang(elephants) all over.

On that night we went for our farewell meal with Subai Erng and Tor. My present from them was a woven elephant keyring(people know I love elephants). I ate cheese and ham on toast, and cheese and chips...they ate thai food. Which included a whole fish with its eyes staring at me, YUK.

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Koh Phangan
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