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Sorry for the delay, I just couldn't be bothered writing these :p I'll try and catch up, starting wednesday.

We went to ECC like normal, boring stuff, and we decided not to do our homework, so the 5 of us headed to Khao San Road. We got a tuktuk, and the driver was a bit mental, but everyone driving any vehicle in Bangkok seems to have a screw loose, so I guess he was just normal. Tuktuks and bikes dont follow any kind of road rules. They drive on whichever side of the road they like, only stop at lights if they like, and havent heard of a speed limit. but it is still one of the best rides you'll ever have!

We got to Khao San road and it was the Bangkok you imagine, neon lights, street vendors, shops openly advertising the fact they supply fake IDs, people selling cocktails from buckets with signs saying they dont check IDs(although I strongly advise against anyone trusting people selling alcohol from buckets in the middle of the street, stick to bars guys and girls). We went to an Irish bar and it was going fine. Theres these kids who sell roses on Khao San road, and if you wont buy one, they try to get you to bet 100baht on thumb wars. I didn't partake in either because I'm a spoilsport :p There was this american guy who came and sat with us. 3 of the girls gave him the cold shoulder, but Emma was too nice and talked to him a bit. He then ordered drinks and tried to put it on our tab, but we all told the waiter the guy was paying for himself. When the guy went to leave, the waiters tried to get the money from him, and he again tried to palm it off on us, but neither us nor the waiters were having it. One waiter kept pulling faces about the guy at us, he was funny. When he realised the guy wasnt gonna pay he just picked up the guys water, opened it and drank it, which amused us :p

We waited in the bar becuase there was another downpour, when it finished we went up and down the road, while the girls looked at the clothes stalls and haggled, before getting a tuktuk home, 5 of us in the back of a tuktuk, that was interesting. Wet road, another crazy driver, jeez.

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photo by: Deats