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I recommend the Queen Victoria inn at Chiang Mai to anyone going there. Staff are friendly, the owner John is a gent(although aussie, but we won't hold that against him) and its real good quality rooms for the price of around 9pound a night.

I didn't really do anything the first few days here, because the passport and money thing was weighing on my mind, but on Saturday me and my friend Tutue went to Chiang Mai zoo, which was awesome, although you have to walk so far there. We saw CHANG CHANG CHANG CHANG CHANG, lions(singh...something), bears(mee), monkeys(ling), frogs(kop), snakes...which I avoided like the plague, koalas, tigers, tapirs, rhinos, orangutans, and I added to my animal feeding skills by feeding hippos(the most disgusting thing you can do. They open their mouths and you throw the food in, and their mouths are full of semi-digested food), and we fed giraffes(which are much more polite eaters). Unfortunately, my camera died after taking one picture there so I don't have lots of zoo pics like I did after france.

After the zoo we went to Robinson airport plaza mall and went to see Batman the Dark Knight, which is brilliant, and I see why everyone made a fuss over Heath Ledgers Joker now, he was great in it.

Anyways, today i fly to Bangkok, and tomorrow I head to the embassy to see if they can help me with the passport situation.


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