The Golden City of Terminal 3.

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This is my stop in Singapore between brisbane and Heathrow. When i first got to singapore the obvious difference was the heat, it felt like i was in a sauna- complete with all the seedy old men (fortunately in more then just towels). For some reason i was wearing a huge thick jacket, which is ofcourse perfect for the singaporean climate. "All airports are airconditioned" was my first thought, although i was quickly proved wrong when i almost died of heat stroke when i entered the terminal. apparently the employees of changi airport were summoned from the very depths of hell where this weather is commonplace. I took of my jacket and settled down at a 15 minute free internet kiosk, where i tryed to talk to a few loved ones on a web messenger, but when it takes 13 minutes to log in the attemtps become futile.

Terminal 1 had a few duty free shops and a burger king but there were strange posters on the side of passing buggies (the kind you see people who are late for their flights being whisked off to their terminal by, as if a small reward for keeping hundreds of people waiting) which say "come to the brand new terminal 3" and "once you've found paradise you never want to leave: Terminal 3" were they advertising a 6-star hawaiin resort or the terminal of an airport? i began to wonder what all the fuss was about, what all the sleep deprived businessmen and woman with annoying children were missing out on. I followed the long empty corridor  towards terminal 3, chosing not to take the 'sky train' for fear i may end up outside the airport. I soon saw the error in my ways, however, when after 45 minutes i was still walking the corridor to terminal 3 and beggining to realise why they set up a multimillion dollar traintrack in their airport. Strangley The closer i got to terminal 3, the lighter and more vibrant the lights got. People got friendlier, artworks and sculptures appeared throughout and the carpet got progressively more intricate in design until finally, it had become marble tiles.

I was there, Terminal 3 the city of gold. Shoptellers wore expensive suits here, not a single 'burger king crown' to be seen. If god owned an airline "GOD airlines" if you will, This would be his departure everytime and also his destination! There was fountains and loui vuitton and rolexs as far as the eye could see. The vast expanses of seeminlgy useless space paved with marble making the trip all the more worth it. The plebs of Terminal one had no idea what was right  on their doorstep, and rightfully so there was no room here for middle-class people with children, NO. i had truly transcended.

After a lifetime beside the koi pond, eating grapes from the hands of Forty virgins, i decided it was probably time i headed back to the depths of Terminal 1 to catch my plane. This time i decided to test the sky train just to see what it was like. After just 2 minutes the train arrived back at terminal 1 .The doors opened and i stepped around the aiport policmen who had been staring at me, as if i planned to blow up the train and the two other people on it, and out into the terminal i had tried to forget.

So that is just a small taste of the wonders of Terminal 3, now i am waiting for my plane to Heathrow airport, with only my memories of the magnificent place. Was it real? or just a wonderful dream, could such a place really exist?...i only hope i can return there someday.

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photo by: maheyriyaz