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Arrived! - OK so a exotic holiday island - whats the first thing you do - beach!!!

Nice beach but whats that in the water - ahhh - sea urchins - might need to be careful when in the sea - dont want to stand on one of those - Hmmm I told my colleague too .... so after a long flight we decided to have a sleep on the beach as the room was not yet ready.

Went back and finally got the room .... then back to the beach for a swim.

I went into the sea carefully minding the sea urchins until it was deep enough to swim.

While I was swimming my colleague starting to run down the beach shouting "yahoooooooo" - My brain is saying ... "I hope he remembers the ......."  OOOCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Ohhh OK now we have to see what damage he's done - yep his foot is full of spines! Have you ever tried doing first aid while swimming - back to the beach! Dont step on it else it will make it go in further.

Strange sunbed - like a "rocking sunbed"

So here we are in paradise, and I have his foot in my face, trying to pull spines out of it! Hey I said dont step on that foot - men! Never listen!

I tried pulling them out with tweezers but they are well and truly stuck now! I managed to get 1 but the rest are well stuck.

OK so now wheres the hospital..... My colleague is now panicing about them cutting his foot up - and hes worried about the hygiene, hes pulling my shirt all the time like a little boy, please dont let them cut me!

So anyway - they tried all things to get these spines out but they are stick - They applied some special oil to soften the heel but it didnt work - they banadaged the foot and said that it would come out on its own.

Great start to the holiday!

Sunbed fun - Fantastic place - only the sunbeds were a little bit strange, when I lifted my head to look at the Ocean all I could see were my legs. Plus that so called sunbed started rocking again to put me back to sleep...  ! Sometimes I got a little seasick ..... then I had to ..... overboard and my stomach felt better. :-) Okay just kidding - not that bad!

MayWongMC says:
thanks for the tip, am going there soon, will definately look out for those sea urchins :)
Posted on: Mar 12, 2009
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Strange sunbed - like a rocking s…
Strange sunbed - like a "rocking …
photo by: chaosprism