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"the day after"

As soon as I woke up (having had little sleep playing AC games all night!) I went and started calling airlines.

As the Condor flight wasnt going to leave till monday and there is a weight restriction we were not even sure we could get off the island, we try to find an alternative flight out and who would accept our tickets - we have employee tickets.

Finally managed to get hold of BA - told the guy the whole story - he said of course the flight is full but be at the airport and we can see what we can do. So my colleague is not so happy - he has to cancel his nice dinner as we need to be at the airport at 6.

Well.... when we got to the airport its a mess - people everywhere - trying to find someone from BA - saw one guy who approached us and said "ohhh you must be the condor staff" - good - well at least someone knows us - he says we are on the list - my colleague is nervous - and wants me to keep asking - but I can see they know we are here - so I am more relaxed.

Around 7.15 the BA staff come across and told us to pay the departure fee and they got us two seats - and we are lucky - so we keep our mouths shut and enjoy the fact we will leave! Non smoking flight - so my colleague is really grumpy - 12 hrs without a smoke :-)

what a great end to the funniest holiday!


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the day after
"the day after"
photo by: chaosprism