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Glendale Days Inn Hotel - 2:15 pm
Hello again! Well, both flights were seamless and uneventful. Mom and I spent almost the entire time talking (of course), though I did find time to write in my corporeal travel journal (which these entries are based off of). We arrived in LA at about 8:30 am, and I was shocked at how hot it was at that hour. We had walked outside to wait for our shuttle to the hotel, and after standing there (in the shade) for no more than ten minutes I was beginning to feel overheated. I had to dig out my shorts, run to the restroom and change. Even so, it was unbelievably hot. After another ten minutes or so our shuttle arrived, and we had a nice air conditioned drive to the hotel. After we checked in we asked if there was a way to get in touch with the other dancers in the hotel. They said if you had a last name you could call them, but most dancers go by a stage name. But as we turned around we saw a beautiful lady who had that "dancer" air you can spot from a mile away. We ask her "Are you with Raqs LA?" And she said "Yeah, don't you recognize me? I'm Kami!" I was horrified. I felt so bad! She recognized us and we didn't recognize her! I shouldn't be too hard on myself, because I need a new glasses prescription and she's changed her hair since I last saw her, but I still feel bad. But we talked for a few minutes and exchanged hugs. Then we headed off to our respective rooms. Mom and I decided it was too nice a day outside to stay in the room so we went down to the pool. It had been months since I'd been swimming! Since we moved to Spokane it's been too cold to swim anywhere. I was surprised at how hard it seemed! I'm used to being like a fish in the water, but I had an especially hard time holding my breath and popping my ears. After spending a couple hours in the pool we headed over to the hotel's restaurant. They had good American food for excellent prices. I had a BLT and Mom had a hamburger. After eating we went up to the room to relax for a bit. I spent most of the time reading one of my favorite books, The Little White Horse. Pretty soon we're going to get ready to see the special Raqs LA show! I'm excited. The first half of the show features the teachers from the workshops, and I'm most excited to see Bozenka, a past Superstar who I never got the chance to see. Morocco will also be there, and I've never seen her . . . she's something of a legend. So that ought to be pretty awesome! And the second half of the show is the marvelous Babelesque tour! I can't wait. I'll write all about it when we get back.
Till then!

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