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San Francisco is a pretty small place.  Only 7 square miles.   But in those 7 miles, there is an amazing diversity of sights and sounds, and some aren't for everyone.  So I'm going to chat at you about the major neighborhoods that most tourists would want to see [or should be warned about!]
Known for the 1967 summer of love and associated shenanigans, Haight Street is still filled with hippie shops and vegan restaurants.  You can also find hookah bars, smoke shops, and nowadays, chain stores like the Gap and American Apparel.  If you're looking for a carefree area where you can walk around barefoot, Haight might not be the place for you; it's infested with gutter punks who hitch hike to San Francisco looking for those freedoms of peace and love which left in the 1980s when the yuppies moved in.
  There are still a number of old hippies who won't let the good times go and so there's a fair number of homeless or potheads of the older variety moving around as well. While Haight isn't dangerous [how violent do pot heads get, really] it's also not one of the cleaner parts of the cities.  Take Grandma to Union Street, she'll like it a whole lot more!  Haight is a good area if you want speciality smoking goods [pipes, shisha, hookahs, what have you] and it also has some really great thrift stores, but be prepared to spend an arm and a leg on real vintage stuff.

The Mission
Dubbed the 'Latin District' the Mission is one part urban renewal and 7 parts Latin.  The mission has a great variety of restaurants and taquerias [some of the best I've found in the city, but I am a Mexican food elitist], as well as some really good thrift stores.
  The neighborhood is home to Clothes by the Pound, which, you guessed it, sells clothes by the pound.  Tons of stuff and takes tons of time to find anything worthwhile, but when you do it's a lot cheaper than on the Haight.  The Mission also has a lot of really great graffiti murals on the alley walls.  You do have a lot more homeless and drug addicts in the Mission [I saw my first ever crack deal here] and there are some tranny prostitutes working the streets off Mission, but it's got a lot of cool bars and coffeeshops which are worth the danger.

The Sunset
The beach in San Francisco is crap.  There, I said it.  I'm biased, I'm from San Diego.  The Sunset is like the suburbs of the city, not as many stores, tons of housing, where a lot of families and students live.  It's pretty boring out here.

Fishermen's Wharf
Who comes to San Francisco and doesn't got to the Wharf!  Look out for the Bush man, and if you don't know what I'm talking about, you soon will.  The Pier is fun and all, but make sure you hit up Ghiradelli Square, it's by far the best attraction down there!  If you take public transit to the Pier and need to take it back into the city, if you're taking the F line, I'd suggest picking it up where it terminates in front of Wallgreens, because if you don't that thing fills up fast and you might not get home on it.
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