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So, finally, in a city that houses a wonder of the world- the Leaning Tower itself. The city seemed quite sparse to my eye, it didn't draw me in like other places I'd been to. Rather, it seemed an almost deserted place except for the grounds where the Leaning Tower is - that was heaving with people, all tourists, and all crowded around, through, over and under the infamous site.

I tried to appreciate it, but my eye was more drawn to the impressive cathedral on the same grounds. Architecture in Italy is always so beautiful and stylish, makes me marvel at how they made these things, or even imagined them, back then when their tools were so much less sophisticated.

On a Sunday, it seemed like almost all the normal shops were shut - in a way, I admired the adherence to having a life outside of work for all these people, a real rest day! On the other hand, it left me bored and wandering around the city streets after getting my fill of the grounds of the Leaning Tower.

The city is easily walkable, streets are wide and you almost can't get lost! Bewarned: the Left Luggage counter at the train station is tucked away in a secretive little corner at the very end of one of the platforms. When you come to the lockers, the counter is behind them!! The lockers don't appear to work.

All in all, after coming from the Cinque Terre, Pisa didn't seem to hold much more for me than to tick off a box that I'd seen the Leaning Tower. Perhaps it would've been different coming on a livelier day, or if it had not come after all the natural beauty of the coast. Anyway, onwards to more of Tuscany!!

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photo by: asturjimmy