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Beautiful Florence with it's wonderful buildings and streets that took your breath away, but the city is so fickle - I had a strange feeling of uneasiness in Florence, like all is not as it seemed there. Tourists cruise around in hordes, they are almost everywhere, but where there are no tourists, there seems to almost be an air of neglect and sadness in the atmosphere. Walking down quiet side streets and alleys, I saw lots of bedraggled people, struggling to make a living and hold onto something in this town. Once, a big fight appeared to break out between two groups of men who seemed to be arguing over who had selling rights on the next street over (packed with tourists).

Having said that, the place is beautiful and bustling, with markets selling cheap goods to boutique super-rich stores lining airy boulevards.

We couldn't resist nipping in to Zara to see what was on offer, the place is huge!!!

We saw no less than 3 separate copies of the statue of David, though by far my favourite was the copper green one in the Piazza overlooking the city. There was a man playing a curious stringed instrument there too, added to the atmosphere of looking out over the view of the city with it's burnt orange roofs.

I also quite liked the Ponte Vecchio - don't ask me why, but it is crowded with jewellry stores. My friend and I joked that this was because star-struck couples embroiled in the moment had to find a ring somewhere, right! But there is a certain charm to it, especially when viewed from a little way away.

Views from the terrace garden at the top of our building were amazing, and quite the best part of the day was chilling out gazing at the surrounding roof-scape whilst the bells of the Duomo tolled away. And how could I forget to mention the Duomo earlier - it is amazingly large, ornate and just HUGE (did I say that already?). It is definitely meant to be the centre piece of the city, and rightly so. It is an imposing and impressive structure, and the level of detail on the carving of it's walls is just superb.

Florence - a big tick from me, but not a place I'd rush to visit again just yet. The beautiful memory of it will suffice for now!

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photo by: spocklogic