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Bella Roma, an amazing city with famous historical sights around every corner, it just blew my mind how we could be strolling down a normal city street, glance down a little side street, and the Colosseum is just right there in front of you! Getting around on foot was so much more fun than taking the subway too, as you stumble across sweet little squares and funky streets that are certainly not on the map.

One of the more surprising sights for me was the Pantheon - I don't know why I had an image of it in my mind with imposing columns and square temple behind it, but it's completely different to my expectations. Imposing certainly, but the inside has a poignant element to it's image of strength and majesty, and the natural light creates cool shadows inside.

I walked past the Vatican, but didn't end up going in as the real attraction there for me was St Peter's Basilica.

This really is awe-inspiring and beautiful, the inside more so than the out, the central altar piece with it's carved wooden pillars and canopies is amazing, and there are numerous little wonders of art and beauty around the cathedral itself. Be sure to pick up a Hot Priest calendar outside, real evidence of commercialisation in action and very reminiscent of that Bible story where Jesus clears out the gamblers in the church square...!

Food is, of course, fantastic in Rome - carbonara pasta is actually traditionally from Rome, and they make it differently to the rest of the western world, less cream more egg based. It's absolutely amazing, I still dream about it sometimes, and rave about it to everyone who goes there.

Cool restaurants and bars abound on the opposite side of the Tiber River to the Pantheon, near Isola Tiberina (don't know the name of the area though), and we spent a pleasant evening swanning around there.

Trevi Fountain is also worth seeing, though getting a camera shot off in the crowd is a skill in itself. I am sure there is some chemical that makes the water in Trevi Fountain that clear light can't be natural, it just can't! It is amazing to think that this city, so ancient and so beautiful, has so much history and culture that somehow still shines through, despite the hordes of people and the streaming traffic. I want to go back!

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photo by: vulindlela