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Well, today we started off with an early breakfast at about 8am. Then at around 9 or so we walked down to the soccer fields to continue on to a sports carnival where we played some games. Of COURSE while we're walking it has to start downpouring like no other. We were literally all soaked through. I thought Brisbane was usually about 10* hotter than Sydney, but they've been having some dodgy weather lately. It was was kinda nice after because the sun came out and we all dried off fairly quickly. Well at the carnival we played, "over and under", "tunnel ball", "thong throw", and "sock wrestling". The sock wrestling was HILARIOUS!!! it was so funnie to watch everyone rolling around on this tarp in degergant and water lol...the object is to get the other person's sock off their leg. It was hilarious watching some of the match up for it - there was one where it was an american marine against this non-beefy guy...oh that marine took him DOWN. Another guy looked like he was about to pull out some jujitzu *sp* on his opponent...it was great lol.

After this, we had lunch, and then some of us decided to go to Garden City Shopping Centre. As we left for the bus, it of course decided to start raining again, leaving the 4 of us soaked. Again. Well once Chris (aussie), Chloe (aussie), another Chris, and myself caught the bus, we finally got there and walked around a bit looking at the different shops. Actually some of us were on a mission: Me- to get a phone, Chris (american)-get some cords for the comp, and Chloe-cords as well. About 2 hrs or so of looking around, we had to head back in order to do our individual floor activities. Chloe and Chris (american) were put-putting at 3, and Chris and I were going to a pub with our floor for dinner and stuff.

I think it's great that each floor kind of bonds and then the whole college gets together all the time for activities. It's been great meeting so many people from all over the place.

Ok, so I have to bring this up. There's like a ratio of 15x1 of guys to girls. It's amazing. Heh. Also so hot. Not just at school I mean. EVERYWHERE. So so so soooo hot. So many, so hot. Did I mention some friends and I went to a bar and the bartenders were like the hottest people I've ever seen in my whole entire life? Throw in the accent and your instant mush on the floor. Can I also just say that Australian guys are so much more gentlemenlike over here! Holding doors open, letting you walk first, helping you find your way around....yeah sure we get that back home, but not NEARLY as much as you do here. It's nice. More guys should do it...haha.

Also we live in a place called "The BK". The BK rocks! That's what college we're in-college being the dormhall that we live in. Bellenden Ker College. I'd like to think of it as the "BK Lounge". Those of you who have heard Dane Cook you'll know why it makes me laugh.

Well, I have to get ready for all of my floor going out. Cheers!

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photo by: Mezmerized