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Several pictures of planes flying over the Palace for the Queens Birthday! I was amazed how I could see the details of the planes and how close together they were!

Hey!  Sorry it has taken forever for me to update my blog.  This is actually the second time I have written my blog.  I spent over an hour writing a lengthy update and it did not publish!  How annoying!  This second one wont be as good as the first one!  In fact, much shorter!  Sorry!


Things are going much better.  The first week was rough and there were times when I thought I had made a mistake.  After being settled in, I am starting to adore London and enjoying meeting people from all around the world!  If anything, the travel bug has hit me more and now I want to travel all around the world!  There is so much to see in our world that I am always amazed when people don’t have a desire to go and experience it for one reason or another.

  This experience has been a growing experience so far and the days are going by quickly!


Work is going well.  It was stressful at first because we sell many wines and I do not know anything about wines.  In addition, the beers we sell are all kinds of beers I have never heard before.  We sell Carlsberg, Doombar, London Pride, San Miguel, Kourghbourgh (1664) and many more.  We also sell Budvar which is the British version of Budweiser but Budvar is the original (that’s what ive been told anyways).  Also, the customers order drinks that I have never heard before.  For example, brits like to order a drink called Chandy, which is a beer of their liking plus a ‘dash’ of lemonade, which is sprite here.  People ask for this often.  Also, I learned how to make a drink called a Spritzer, which is white wine and club soda with three ice cubes that is served in a wine glass.  I find it funny when men ask for this drink.

  It seems so feminine.  I enjoy bartending but I only do it when we are painfully slow! Haha!  It is hard getting the wines down because I had no previous knowledge of wines except white zinfandel because it is cheap!


This Saturday I went to Buckingham Palace to celebrate the Queen birthday!  She came out on the balcony and waved or seriously three seconds. I do not know why, but I thought she would be waving much more than she did.  The best part of the experience was watching several planes and jets flying above the palace.  It was amazing and you could make out the planes perfectly.  Ill post the photos of the planes.  I also took video of when the queen came out on the balcony.  People were clapping but I was surprised how tame the experienced seemed.

  I don’t know how often the Queen makes appearances but I never heard anyone yelling or cheering loudly.  Interesting I thought.  While walking to the Palace with my friend from New Zealand name Kyle we heard cannons.  It was awesome.  Also, on the way there Kyle goes look there’s a squirrel.  I said that was kool and thought nothing of it and wondered why he made such a big deal about the squirrel.   Minutes later, he told me that he has never seen a squirrel in his life!  Crazy!  Makes you realize that was is common to you will be the most exciting event to someone else.  He also told me how he hasn’t had Dr. Pepper in years because New Zealand banned it for being to sugary!  Anyways, it was a great experience going to the palace even though I do not care much for the royal family but it's a once in a lifetime experience.  


I have not experienced much anti-Americanism but have heard a few comments here and there.

  I will post these experienced individually. 


1)      While working I was serving a table an English guys.  One had just returned form the states and even had an American football jersey on.  I asked if he experienced any culture shock when he went to the states and he said the only culture shock he experienced was how high nice Americans are.  Then his friend said that the only culture shock he experienced was that there was no culture.  All his friends started laughing and I go, “Well, what do you expect when we are only 200+ years old”.  All his friends start laughing at him and all he could do what just sit there and shrug his shoulders.  He didn’t say a word!  Idiot!


2)      Next, I was out hanging out on the roof (that is where everyone hangs out), drinking with friends, and meeting new people.

  I asked one guy where he was from and he goes Australia unfortunately.  I told him to be proud of where he came from and that everyone should be proud of where they were born.  Then this other Australian guy starts making comments that everyone should be proud except for me.  I looked at him and I go, I’m proud to be an American and he had this look of astonishment.  He goes, “really?”  Of course.  He just sat and starred at me.  He seriously could not believe I was proud to American.  This is the same guy that told me and two others Americans while all staying in the same hostel that he has met some ‘daft’ (stupid) Americans. 


3)      Now this is interesting.

The awesome tour guide when Kyle and I went on the bus tour around London! Hilarious!
  I was with Kyle and we went into a tourist store where everything they are selling is related to England except for some random American flags on the ground in the corner.  Kyle noticed it before me and points to the flag and how interesting he thought it was that was the only thing nonbritish in the store.  As I was looking at the flags, I noticed that the flag was upside except two.  I pointed it out to him and he thought it was an accident and just a defect from the company.  I say it was on purpose.  So what do you think?  Ill post the pics of the flags and you decide!  I just find it interesting that EVERYTHING in the store was British except the American flag! 


Update soon!


God Bless





The Queen is in blue! Look close! hahah!
S. Got my first paycheck!  95 pounds for three shifts!  My first share of tips after working twelve hours was 11 pounds!  Those brits sure know how to tip! ;)~  Also, I decided to stay in the hostel.  I makings loads of friends here and starting to become good friends with everyone that works here. 

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Several pictures of planes flying …
Several pictures of planes flying…
The awesome tour guide when Kyle a…
The awesome tour guide when Kyle …
The Queen is in blue!  Look close!…
The Queen is in blue! Look close…
See the cameras?
See the cameras?
Up close of the cameras....think t…
Up close of the cameras....think …
Crowd of people at the Palace.
Crowd of people at the Palace.
Love them!
Love them!
photo by: ulysses