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Drug usage is HUGE in London!  I cant begin to emphasize how popular drugs are in this city.  Its in the papers daily of the occurrence cocaine usage is in the pubs.  I work in South Kensington and there are several pubs located in the area.  Out of 41 pubs, 38 were positive for cocaine residue in the men and/or womens bathroom.  The pub I work at got tested and the mens bathroom came up clean while the womens bathroom came up positive in several spots of the bathroom.  The officier asked my mananger if we were taking any precautions for the drug use.  We started putting olive oil around numerous flat surfaces.  Some pubs are even putting WD40 but the pub I work at was advised to not do so because one pub is getting sued for putting WD40 on the toilet seat and a guys nose now is messed up permanent so now the pub is getting sued.  The question is…who is in the wrong?


I cant count how many times I have been asked if I would like to do ‘sniff’ or to do a line.  Or I simply will get asked right away by someone if I do drugs.  I mean, who ask people that!  I find that a very odd question but then again if you are surrounded by people who do drugs and that’s all they think about its going to be mentioned in conversation.  Im shocked that practically all of my friends here do coke!  My manager mentioned that getting coke in England is much much easier than getting it in the states and that its also much cheaper to buy in England than it is in the states.  I believe her because I read daily how much of a drug problem London has.  I remember my first week here and I was getting in my purse, I had my camera and two cell phones (one from home and one for here) and this guy asked me if I was a drug dealer.  I was shocked to say the least because Ive never been asked that in my life!  Then he asked about the jacket I had on and if it was new.  Next, about a week or so later one of my friends around the hostel sells drugs!  I would have never guessed! 


One thing is for sure….London isn’t the best place to raise a family!

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