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    Boyce Thompson Arboretum is a botanical garden loacted located 50km east of Mesa, Arizona. It is the largest and the oldest botanical garden in the state of Arizona and it was founded in 1925.
    The arboretum consists of several main sections (for details please look at the map).
    It opens at 6AM in the summer time (May to August) in order for visitors to enjoy the cool mornings in the heated Arizona summer.   
    The first section we visited was the demostration garden. It consists fo several divisions, with each ones demostrating efficient water use in a desert environment where water is scarce.
    There is also an Australian plant section where Australian trees were imported and planted in the garden.
The Australia trees planted in Arizona soil grew up to enormous size.
    The park consists 5km of trails, each trail consists of native plants that belongs only to a certain part of the world.
    Lizards and birds can be found throughout the garden.
    Tours were available on different days and will be posted on the official website.
    As the temperature can get fairly hot in Arizona during the day. It is recommended to visit the garden in early morning.
    It is definitely a good place to go, if you are interested in plants and would like to have a good, quiet place to visit.
    The feeling inside the park was superb; also it is not "truly natural", it has the natural feels to it. The plants inside the park are mostly from arid regions, like the four major deserts in US, and the arid regions in central South America.
    Near Queen Creek, plants were taller and were imported from other regions of the world, the abundance of water can sustain plants that require more water to survive.
    The whole feeling of the park was very peaceful and quiet. since there are not many visitors, it serves well as a weekend getaway.
    For more information, visit the official website:
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South African plant founded in the…
South African plant founded in th…
Lizard founded on the wall
Lizard founded on the wall
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