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I arrived in Eindhoven after 5pm on the train.  I didn't have reservations for a hotel, and the travel buero was closed at that time.  I guess I have to look for one by myself.  Not a problem!  I walk through the city, while it is getting dark, looking for a hotel to stay at!  Not really a problem for me, but I am starting to get desperate at about 7pm.  I go to a hotel that is really shabby and ask if they have a room.  They do not, but might be able to find one for me!  Great!  This large women calls someone and asks, in Dutch which I don't speak, if they have any rooms available!  She then tells me that they do and she will drive me there.

I get into a car about the size of a cubicle and ride with her about 3 miles out of the city.  She drops me off then tells me to ask for the Boss Man, then leaves.  I knock on the door and a big man tells me to come inside and make myself comfortable.  An old Woman is Hacking her lounges out and rolling up a Joint at a kitchen table.  I am okay with this.  The big man is watching a Soap Opera on TV and invites me to sit down on a chair!  I decline, of course, prefering to stand up to whatever is about to happen.  About 30 minutes later a small man in a 'Wife Beater Shirt' comes in and says that he is the boss man!  I tell him that I am looking for a room for the night.  He replies that he has one for 20 or 30 dollars a night.  I agree of course, knowing that I won't find anything else tonight. 

He takes me across the street to a place that looks like a half-way house!  Drug-Addicts stay at places like this!  But I agreeded and need a place to lay my head.  So I walk up 4 flights of stairs and put my things in the room.  Then I set out looking for a 'Cafe'! 

The only reason I came to the netherlands is for canabis!  I walk for almost 2 hours looking for place and don't find one then turn around and walk back to my 'hotel'  and find one close by!  lol!  I enjoyed the Netherlands very much, after I found a Cafe! 

Would I stay at the same place again?  No!  However, I know better now how to find the places to freguent!  I enjoyed Eindhoven Very much and trust the people that live there!

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photo by: liekevo