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Me in front of our ride to the airport

Guantanamo turned out to be an odd place [we'd ended up here as it was the closest place to get an internal flight back to Havana], there were few Casas and I got the distinct impression that few tourists came here. Usually when we got off a bus at our destination we were used to being hounded by Casa owners asking us if there we needed somewhere to stay, this time it couldn't have been a more polar opposite, only the tumble weeds would have added more authenticity to the atmosphere. With no map of Guantanamo to gauge where we were in relation to town and not a taxi in sight I wondered how the hell we were going to find our Casa; our saviour arrived in the form a little man with a bicitaxi [basically a motorbike and side car], I so wished we'd have photographed it, it was one of these moments you laugh about for a long time, me in the side car holding my rucksack on top of me for dear life, Amanda on the back of her bike with her rucksack on the back of the side car, maybe you just had to be there.

Amanda striking her pose

We arrived so late that we didn't really have time to see much other than go for a quick wander to get food and go to stock up on supplies. The night provided more amusement back at the Casa when I spotted a spider the size of my hand lurking into the bedroom, I was willing to leave the thing be but Amanda insisted she wanted it out of the room; her attempts to clear it sent it under the bed and her screaming as a result had the owners scurrying in in a panic, our limited Spanish didn't allow us to communicate we meant a spider and the owners broom at least retrieve a cockroach that had bedded down for the night and turfed it out into the courtyard. We spent the first part of the night sleeping at the foot of the bed tucked in like granny from Little Red Ridinghood [what a pair of wusses!] until after turning the light out and finding our eight legged friend out in the open we decided we need the critter out to have any chance of sleep so spent the next hour strategising on how to get rid, to wack or not to wack? But as I was the one doing the wacking with my Birkenstock I couldn't bear the idea of getting too close. A discovery of a suitable vessel the critter was captured and left covered upside down in the courtyard. With all the kerfuffle we barely slept and we felt like we'd closed our eyes for about 5 mins when morning came. We finally fulfilled one of our goals by taking a ride in a classic Oldsmobile to the airport, when we arrived it we weren't even sure it was open but when other people arrived we knew that the flight was definitely on. After the usual obligatory security steps we boarded our humble little jet that looked like it had been rejected by Aeroflot, never before as one moment almost brought me close to believing in God and wanting to pray for my life.

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Me in front of our ride to the air…
Me in front of our ride to the ai…
Amanda striking her pose
Amanda striking her pose
photo by: aussie_E