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It's about 1am and I'm tapping out a few emails after a session in the bar. Never a good idea but needs must.

First night was a killer. Some colleagues from back home were staying at the hotel, so we had a heavy drink session watching the champions league. Last orders at the bar were 12.15am but we managed to scam access to a lounge. Unfortunatly we soon found out that we gate crashed a private party for the cricket team. Being local celebraties they didn't want to share the lounge with us riff raff. Luckily we were upgraded to our own executive lounge where the beer flowed freely. (remember next day is 1st day in office)

Next day feeling rough, skipped breakfast and met my driver for first time, Mr Dyhan. Nice guy with a prestine moustache.

First day in office was an eye opener. Nice to see my name on the reception board, announcing and welcoming my arrival to the office. Made me feel very special. Went straight into meetings. The team here are very hospitable and we soon realised the challenge we face over the coming weeks.

On way back driver narrowly missed a cow and scrapped against a nissan micra. Paintwork was ruined. The driver simply waved in an apologetic manner before the micra driver nodded as if to say "dont worry about it". Driving here is crazy!!

Ok bedtime. I'll try some photos tomorrow.

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iI'm still working on the photos!

Working was a frustratingly long day. I'm only working at half pace at the moment as I'm waiting for my IT access. Got RSI from Blackberry!

Got to work for 10am this morning, this is very early and office was virtually empty. Time in the office is going too quickly. I left at 7.30pm and traffic was particularly bad. Got back to hotel at 9.15pm!

My business cards arrived, so thank you Lizzy for posting them! Can't believe you put Hamish on the envelope!

Well this is a short one.... tomorrow I'm going to do some shopping and check out the Red Fort. (I will update you on it)

I am going to go mad with photos tomorrow. I hope I can get one of the bell boy who salutes me eveytime I enter the room. He's really funny.

Ok, so I made it in one piece. Spent this morning trying to get a room upgrade and was successful! I have taken some photos but am having technical difficulties getting them uploaded.

The butler is going to get me a new memory stick tomorrow so that should sort photos out.

I've spent all day touring the hotel as it is so big!

I met the KolKata Cricket team in the bar at lunch (they are doing crap in the IPL).

My friend at reception has just explained why there is so much security today. Apparantly the sultan of brunei is staying tonight! Will try and snap a photo (but wont risk getting arrested).

Didn't take long before I remembered I was here on business as my blackberry went crazy as soon as UK woke up.

11am start tomorrow, so champions league tonight, couple of colleagues coming over to watch it too.

Got to go and have cocktails with the manager now, they slipped an invite under the door. (Free booze? yes please!)


Hi all, I am getting a little behind on the diary and have lots of texts requesting photos. To be honest, the working week is a write-off. For example yesterday, I left the hotel at 9.30am, arrived to work at 10.30am, finished at 8.30pm and arrived back at the hotel at 9.30pm. I had dinner and got back to my room at 11pm.

I worked in hotel room until 2am and up again this morning at 8am!

The weekends however are good. On Saturday, I went shopping and sightseeing in Delhi. Amongst the things I saw were: The India Gate, Gandhi memorial, parliament house and the presidents house.

My driver (MR Dhyan) has been really nice, he took photos for me, kept beggers away from me and gave me advice on 3 things you need to be able to drive in India. 1) Good Brakes 2) Good Horn 3) Good Luck.

Sunday was the best! I went for a day trip to the Taj Mahal. The minibus left hotel at 6am. I made some new friends. Jon who works for Yahoo and is from Singapore, and Elisa from American Express who is Spanish but living in Germany. It was a four hour drive to Agra (where Taj is located).

It is an amazing experience, too much to put into words! We also visited Agra Fort. This is where the emperor Shah Jahan (who built Taj for his wife) was imprisoned by his son. The punishment being he could view the Taj whilst rotting in his cell. (Dad- you are lucky I am not that cruel).

The day ended with a visit to the marble factory. This is where descendents of the emperor carry on his work using same marble and technique used to build the Taj. I forked out for a couple of really nice plates.

Got back to hotel at 8.30pm.

Depending how things go, I will try and put some photos up tonight as opposed to work in the evening.

Hope everyone is behaving themselves. Lucky sods had a bank holiday, I didn't!


New Delhi
photo by: spocklogic