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The trip was a mere 2 days (+2 days return travel) but what a getaway from dusty and polluted Bangalore!

After 10 hours of bus travel and numerous sharp curves at its final 40-km stretch, I finally reached my destination and began seach for a reasonably priced hotel that wouldn't have bedbugs. I was lucky for after 30 min I could cover my seriously chilled body with 3 additionally requested woolen blankets. Yes, Ooty is quite high so it is also much cooler - the temperature was about 10 degrees I would say.

The next day I got my rented bike and left for the hills as there is not much to do in Ooty unless you just want to wonder around and idle your time away. My intention was to see the scenery so I set off to Avalanche first thingin the morning. I could hardly see a soul when the road ended and I had to walk to reach the lake. Avalanche is supposed to be a big Toda (local tribe) settlements. The area is quite untouched and pleasant to walk around, especially if you're equipped with binoculars.

The same day I went back to Ooty for a quick lunch and then rode to Kodanad. The scenery was mainly tea plantations and I saw tea-pickers bringing their sacks with the day's work. There are numerous tea stalls on the way and a cup of tea is Rs.3 (0.035 GBP). Tea is very strong, very sweet and always with milk, served usually in small steel cups.

The following day I went to Glenmorgan but was informed that the 4km winch ride through undisturbed sholas, 10 Toda settlements and wildlife habitats is 'only for government people, quite to the countrary to what my book guide said. Besides photography was not allowed and the policeman who was cleaning his rifle, reluctantly answered my questions (and answered in Tamil). Glenmorgan was a 17-km diversion from the road going to my destination for that day -Mudumalai.

I never got as far as that. The town of Gudulur on the way was scorching hot so I took refuge in a local restaurant where I had spicy chicken biryani that made my eyes water. It was too far to continue so I went back enjoying the fragrant air of some eucaliptus plantations and a rainbow that I spotted after I got drenched in a downpour.

In the evening I went to check out the shops as Ooty is known for nice silver Toda jewellery and chocolates. I had a lovely plate of mutton at the Tandori resturant (apparently one of the most popular places to eat) and after browsing through the market, I headed to my cold hotel room for the night. The following morning I had an Ayurvedic oil massage (one thing you mustn't miss when you're in India), checked out and took the bus home. Home means Bangalore.

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photo by: gert-n-bert