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San Sebastian is funny.  Apperantly they really want to be their own country.  They have all these flags and stuff.  I am all down with them being their own country because then i can say have been to another one.  I got a flag just incase they decide to become one latter on.  It is so beautiful here.  I am really sad that we only got yesterday and today here.  I probably could stay here for a week.  it is just so relaxing and a fun city.  Kevin and I found some random bar last night to watch the last of the Germany turkey game.  We got a Spanish Heinekein.  They make it differently here because it was the best one i have ever had.  I dont know if i can have a regular one now.  Well Germany one which is good because they have been the team i have been rooting for this whole time.  We have another night train to Barcelona tonight.  I have really enjoyed the night trains.  We already bought all of the rest of our night train tickets so we know we can travel between all the places which is wonderful.  Back in Paris we almost couldnĀ“t make it here which was really scarry.  We were looking into going to Budapest. kind of funny.  well we hiked up to an old castle yesterday which was amazing.  IT was free and they have a Jesus statue on the top of it.  Kind of silly.  We are over half way done with our trip.  we heard it was really hot in Madrid.  good thing we got a place with airconditioning.  
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