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well we made it.  i slept really bad on the train.  it was actually cool enough but the people next door kept moving around and making a ton of noise.  i could hear it through my earplus and felt it as well.  so i banged on the wall everyonce in a while.  i think it helped.  well we got in early to madrid and the place actually had our room ready so we took a nice long morning nap.  i think over 2 hours.  we have airconditioning which is wonderful.  we went out for breakfast and i totally thought i was paying 3€ but it turned out to be 6€.  that pissed me off.  wont be going back there ever.  we then walked around and found a grociery store and bought food for our time here.  i spent way to much and realized i didnt need anymore peanut butter when i got back.  so ill find some way to use it.  we got tons of fruit so i am really excited about that.  i had an orange and it was heavenly.  i think we might go to toledo tomorrow and then the prado and prince caspian on thursday.  it is opening night tomorrow.  i need to make it the movie i have seen the most in theators.  currently i have seen it 3 times and that ties lord of the rings fellowship of the ring.  well the little i have been here i have liked it.  the metro seems nice.  back in barcelona and here we bought the 10 ticket fare.  it is saving us tons of money.  we spend total what we spent just one day in paris.
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photo by: vulindlela