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Well yesterday was real nice.  we walked all over the place which was fun.  we went down to the main area and the army was putting on a recrutment drive in the middle of the square which was awesome.  we actually got to go inside a tank!!!!!  we also saw a rocket truck thing.  i cant wait to show pictures.  me being a pacifist in all was still quite impressed with getting to go in the tank.  we also got to watch part of the wimbelton final which was amazing.  not the part we watched.  the end of the second set and a little into the third before the rain delay.  we then walked a bunbch around and were shocked when it was still going when we checked later.  we watched the game from a live stat update online when the score was 6-6 in the fifth set.  i was sad that federer lost, but good for nadal.  i hope my parents taped it so i can watch it when i get home.  all 5 hours of it.  i bet their thing didnt know to tape that long and so the end will never be watched, but i hope differently.  today i read and finished my book that i was able to spread out for 3 days!  3 books in 6 days now.  i then decided to take a nap.  so today has been good.  tomorrow i think we are going to some church which happened to be in my last book which was interesting.  just 3 more days until we are back in the US of A.  kind of crazy the end is finally here.  
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photo by: Johnpro