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The concert venue was only about 7 blocks away from the hotel. Granted, it was a Sunday night in what looked like the beaten down/run down part of town, and I was a tiny bit concerned that I might not make it without incident. When I got to the venue I grabbed a beer and perused the scene. A nice size stage with the floor sloping upwards so people in the back can see over those infront easier. Behind the slope were levels on either side of the sound system, about a foot off the ground, with railing. Then there was the second floor, but who on Earth would go up to the second floor to see Disturbed? I plopped myself down in the front of one of the levels against the railing. No mach pit for me today!

In the crowd was a bunch of youngsters, some actual middle-age people, but most surprisingly I saw a teenage boy and he looked to be with his mom. Weird, right? To my right was what appeared to be a very large biker and his girlfriend. To my left were two guy friends chatting. There was room for someone else to stand against the railing next to me, but once the opening act began we all seemed to spread out a bit and get comfortable. It was nice knowing that the day after the Chili cook-off no one was going to be pushing me. After all, who in their right mind would push someone into a ginormous biker?! hehe.

The opener was a local metal band and I was unimpressed. The next opener (yes, they had two bands open for them in that small of a venue) was a band called Art of Dying. A Canadian group. I was very impressed when the first song they sang was metal, yes, but they were actually harmonizing. The lead singer had two mics: one for singing and the other for sustaining notes. Haven't ever seen that at a rock concert before. I was impressed, so after the show I bought their CD. 15 bucks where the day before I had bought the new Seether cd (fantastic, btw) for only 10!

Then came Disturbed. :) "This isn't just a concert...This is the largest group therapy session you will ever attend!" 'nuff said;-)

Of course came the one minute sold encore and then the song most of these kiddos came to hear. Down with the Sickness. And when he is doing his 'talk' during the middle of the song, talking to his mom, telling her to stop beating him, I realize, "Damn! It's Mother's Day today!" Ironic or Appropriate?

On the walk home I decide to stop off at a bar and relax before going to bed. ...realized that I was the only girl in that bar besides one of the bar tenders, and was saddened. Someone did end up coming up to me and talking to me though. It turned out to be the owner of the restaurant I ate dinner at earlier that night. We listened to a couple of young guys sing some karaoke (that they shouldn't have!) and I went back to the hotel, thankful that I walked through downtown Richmond unscathed. :)
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