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After work on Thursday, Stacy and I went to RFK stadium to join the tailgate party. It had been a rough week for us both so we were ready to unwind. The tailgate party for La Barra Brava (for us brave fans;) is always a huge event. It's not really organized per se. A bunch of cars, a bunch of people, a bunch of booze, and a bunch of sharing. Random people cook, bring in food, beer, etc. Usually I grab a small bottle of rum (tattoo), Stacy the Pepsi and some beer. What we can't finish..."hey you! Want some rum? Come help us out with this rum!" We made Spencer finish our rum for us one time without any Pepsi cuz we ran out...hehe.

This particular game was special as we played against Chicago Fire...and lost. But they are, apparently, our big rivals. This one guy on the other team, number ten was he?, kept taking these horribly fake dives, then bouncing up once the ref calls in his favor and running along like nothing happened. Also, this game was televised on ESPN 2 or something. This female reporter asked Cindy and I and these other two women some questions as we were in the front row, so I might have been on tv. Yeah?! Not really caring, but it's still a cool point.

La Barra Brava is a great fan club! You get a jersey, free food and beer (be polite and bring something community too), and all you have to do is scream and shout and jump for ninety minutes to support the team. We make a ton of noise and RFK Stadium isn't all that concrete filled so it bounces, a lot! They have half a dozen drums that help us stay in quasi rhythm, and we follow the drums into the stadium and out of it. During half time there is a drum circle in the corridor behind our sections of seats where there is a ton of moshing and jumping and shouting and cheering for DC United. :) Good times. My sneakers were white before my first game. :)

RFK Stadium itself is kind of antiquated, and needs to be torn down, but it's off of the metro, so I can't really complain. If I had to drive to the games....well, the games probably wouldn't be as much fun!

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