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I’ve visited Switzerland a couple of times, In 2004 when driving through Europe. And again in October 2006.
But I’m going to write about my 2006 trip.

I had to spend the night in Gatwick Airport. As I had only one option for catching a bus from the small village where I had been working for the summer.(Woolacombe Devon). As my flight was 7.30 in the morning, I had to catch the bus the day before and arrived at Gatwick around 4.30 in the after noon. I toyed with the idea of booking a hotel, but I thought it would be easier to just spend the night at the airport. To be honest Gatwick is probably the pick of Airports in London to spend the night in the Departures lounge as the seats only have Arm rests at either end. So I could stretch out and actually got a few hours sleep.

Barding the plane was quite straight forward, no long ques or delays. But just before take of ,the plane was towed  of the run way and into, some kind of pit stop lane for aeroplanes. Where I could see from the window maintenance crews and technicians hurriedly surrounding one of the engines. A few moments later the pilot announced there was just a minor problem with the engine and there replacing it with another one.  Its just that easy. Any way two hours later the plane finally took of.

I finally got through arrivals and met my up with my friend Barb. She was working in a back packers Richtersvil about 20min by train from Zurich. I met her while I was staying in a hostel in Athens.

Upon arrival at the backpackers I was just amazed about the location. Right on lake Zurich. You couldn’t find many backpackers with such a stunning views.

So after all the introductions, I had a quick talk with the boss to negotiate a price. Free she said, as long as you give a little help in the kitchen at night. Sounds good to me. So after dinner and a few beers I was of to bed for an early one.  Not to mention that I had a bit of a stomach ache. Which was made a little worse by the fact that the Swiss firmly seem to believe that a shot of snaps is the cure for many ailments including intergestion. Maybe true but not tonight.

So for the next two weeks I had an absolute amazing time. And I think I added an extra few kilos I’m weight. As it was the end of the season and there were not many backers staying , I was intrusted with one of the master keys.
Whenever your feeling hungry or you want a drink, just help you self to the kitchen they said. We have to get rid of all the left over food, beer and wine before the hostel shuts down.  This trip was getting better and better.  

Many a night was spent drinking and partying with those guys. You couldn’t have met a better group of people.

 I didn’t do much sight seeing this trip, I did most of that in 2004 another blog later. This trip was just mainly about catching up with old friends. But I did few things. I went to the lindlt chocolate factory. For about a two kilometre radius everything in the area smelt of sweet chocolate.  But I was a little disappointed as they stopped doing tours of the factory about a month back. And I was also getting visions in my head it would be a bit like Willy Wonkas chocolate factory when I got there.  My imagination runs wild some times. And yes again I was disappointed when I peeked through the window not to see a Lumper Lumper or even some man in a lab coat testing the fine chocolate. Just some guy with a hair net pushing buttons.

I went to a William White concert, he’s like the Jack Johnson of Switzerland with a bit more of a Reggae feel. One of the best live concerts I’ve been to.

Lucerne was great, a very nice city near Zurich and a few others. I must admit im terrible with town names. I always forget to write hem down in my travel diary. Stein on Rein was another nice town.  

But one thing I did notice in Switzerland other than an abundance of cheese and chocolate. Was there time keeping.  For example if there going to pick you up at 8.13 they will be there at exactly 8.13. And I found out the hard way when it came to public transport. My friend said we must hurry or we would miss the next train at 4.05. In most country if the train is due to arrive 4.05 you can bet it will be late. Nope not Switzerland dead on 4.05.  

So any way there are a few other stories from the trip, but I’ll add them to the blog soon.

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189 km (117 miles) traveled
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photo by: Sweetski