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My first travel blog, so please don't be too harsh on me. I am aware of the fact, that there probably hundreds of travel blogs about NYC, so I doubt that mine will be in any way more insightful than all the others.
My wife and I had a non-stop flight from Austin to NYC, which was nice as flying can be and uneventful. Once we got there we took the AirTran to Howard Beach, and from there the A-Train (Subway) to Manhatten. At the Howard Beach station we met a German girl that is doing an exchange program in New York City for half a year or so, and we chatted pretty much all the way to Manhatten which took almost an hour. We originially planned to stay at the Chelsea International Youth Hostel, because it was cheap and had a great location. We didn't plan on staying in our room anyways except for sleeping, and we rather wanted to spend our money on shopping and food than a hotel. After we cecked out we headed downtown to Houston and 2nd Ave to grab a Gyros AKA Doener Kebap at Bereket. It was delicious and just the way I know it from Germany. We spend the rest of the day with some shopping and sightseeing up 5th Ave and Broadway. I like what they did with the new Apple Store on 5th Ave. By the evening we were both exhausted and hungry again. So we headed back to our Chelsea Neighbourhood to had some dinner at an Italian place across the street. I don't recall the name of the restaurant, but the food was great and very inexpensive for NYC. Chelsea is such a lovely neighbourhood, and has a large gay community. You see couples, whatever their sexual preferences are, walking hand in hand and openly kissing each other. So be prepared! At the Italian restaurant they were playing some Freddy Mercury music and the TV was on Food Channel. You know what I mean? By the time were finished with dinner it was almost 11pm and were very tired and in no mood to hit the club scene. Once we got to our room, we realized we were in big trouble. It was the hottest week of the year in New York, and we had no air conditioning in the room. The room was the size of our bed anyways, so there was no air circulation at all, even with the window open. I ran to the drug store at the corner to buy a small fan, but that didn't really help. So we spend the night lying in bed from about 11:30 to about 4 am. We didn't get any sleep and were soaked in sweat. What a horrible experience. We decided to give up at 4 in the morning, and went to the internet cafe that they had at the hostel. We decided that we would not survive another night like this, so we booked a new hotel room for the next night. We found a good deal
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New York
photo by: herman_munster