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On 9.05 I had a pleasure to visit my friend's datcha 100km far from Moskow. I've been there for 2 days. During the 1st day We had to assist his parents digging holes for plants and doing some other land work. But in the evening we got free of duties and ran to play footbal with the locals. The pitch was disgusting with uneven surface! We didn't care for it.

Then we returned and heated the oven in Russian bath up to 110C! After cooking a lot  of food we took it to the bath and prepared Vodka and orange to drink.  We went to the bath and spent there about 3 hours with 45 min in hotroom .

Now my advice. Spirit drinks don't combine well with hot temperatures. We got so drunk that it was very hard to get to the bedroom.

I'm not a hard drinker. That was my only experience of such a condition. The next day I felt better only in the evening.

Vodka is evil ! What do u think? What kind of drink d'u prefer?

Kirill_get_it says:
It's a part of our modern capital culture((
Posted on: May 20, 2008
gemini59 says:
I absolutely agree with the vodka! Great blog! Now I know what a datcha is.
Posted on: May 18, 2008
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Russian bath
Russian bath
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photo by: eefab