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It's early in the morning and I'm coked out of my mind in Stuttgart. Passing through parks that appear out of nowhere, I begin to feel as if the schlosses (castles) are attacking me. Thinking back to last night, I remember getting into the city's main train station and being hit on by some thirty something MILF tourist at the hotel I was staying in; other than that, I think I watched Borat in french and some cops who kept on walking by garbage bins. I pass a red brick church that's famous for something, and then things start to go loco.

The park I'm wandering through is filled with flowers that seem to be crying pollen. A depressed river in between the land's face just seems to be there and not really moving. For relative periods I'm alone in the park, but on the other side things appear more interesting with couples walking to make themselves like each other, aging German ladies spread out on orange colored towels wanting people to think they're naked, and the occasional trash collector that despises banana peels and used condoms without spermicide. Things seem for real, but this park is not like others. Well, at least to me it isn't.

On the other side of the morbid aqua, a man notices me and climbs atop a park bench. What ensues is the man calling all folklore and playing his flute. The melody is slow, paced like a soundtrack to dreams, and, for some reason, destined to be played for me. As I walk past this site the man continues to play his flute while looking at me. "Yes, I understand what's happening," I tell myself as the enchantment of if you play it, he will come enters my mind. The power of the flute bids me to take notice and act properly: I walk right past the man playing his flute at me to a gas station and buy a pack of fried pork skin and a raisin chocolate bar. What an experience, yet I never thought I would leave the park and run into a hot woman wearing almost nothing moaning at me, while she walked her dog.

Things in my life are getting somewhat to that level. I missed the wedding in Valdosta because I was depressed and tired after getting off working a ten hour shift and not really up for driving four hours that day. I finished "Disappointment of Death" and hopefully found a place for it, but the chick I want to give it to is hesistant to take a painting that weighs about fifty pounds--my mistake, I thought a woman would never complain about something being too big. I'm really not looking forward to going to Chicago next week for two weeks because I'll be in and out of Iowa and trapped with people I don't know in the Big City for a couple of days. Maybe I'll see Oprah and throw some mushrooms her way, so she can see the color purple. I missed Matt and Rachel when they came to Jacksonville for the first time in like ever, so maybe next time, or whenever, I'll go freewheeling with Bob Dylan to Pensecola with a painting in the boot and some hippies who get tricked into believing they're going to a Grateful Dead concert. Stupid hippies, they fall for it every time. I blew off going to PO to see my Vater because I didn't feel like driving and having to pay for gas more than three times in one week: Picky consumer or just plain normal? I'm sure, well, I probably won't finish any paintings this week, but it's safe to hold your breath. Life does feel like a French soap opera, but I don't have any good food to eat and my life doesn't revolve around a Cafe with a ruthless head waitress who just got divorced and is having second thoughts about Catholicism. What?!

Things in the present aren't cool. It's like 100 outside and both my favorite gas station and barbershop are closed because of the construction on Beach. I got a haircut, but I didn't want to; it turns out I didn't even need one too:( I got some good laughs while watching Maury's top ten paternity tests. It turns out I'm "not the father" of being boring, but I have to work my weekend and dance on egg shells with other people. I nearly avoided repeating April '04 this year, so I'm not going to throw in the towel without a fight. Outside of everything, I'm getting tired of women telling me I need a girlfriend. Sorry, but the spell redheaded women cast on me is still going strong and lots of fun. With that wrote, I'm not a lawyer or spokesperson, so let's go have some make believe!

(I wrote this last year around June or July I think)
PrissyT says:
Man, you cross women that throw themselves at you! First downtown julie brown, now someone walking their dog and moaning at you? So what type of spell did the redhead cast on you?
Posted on: May 23, 2008
cmwish says:
Just plain normal for sure :D
Posted on: May 21, 2008
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