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At the "Baluard" Small square between the sea and the church Pic by Najiah


Najiah (TB najiah10)

This evening when I went to the train station to pick Najiah, I was thinking: "Fckng Romero this mini-meetup smells like a date and me the third party"

I expected to find someone calm,shy...and I found an Earthquake! I saw her there at the train station's door,  I was thinking "Say hello, give the hand, 2 kisses, a Hug?" EVERYTHING! I was really surprised about her way to be: really friendly and closer...she had been 3 weeks traveling at SPAIN now I understand all...

Manuel comes late, so we begin to talk about her SPANISH HOLIDAYS: What a friendly girl and a polite English! grrr! :)

When Manuel Romero comes, we gone to have a Dinner to a crappy place: Pinky (it's a kind of pizzeria) it wasn't so much good, but the conversation was so interesting and funny (I improve a little bit my crapy english, learning a word that I must know : SHOUT!).

Surprise! Pic taken by Romero

What a pitty she wants to leave early! Tomorrow mornig last shoping at BCN, last night and sunday Back home (Via  Istambul)

We walk thru the old Town and take some pics: Paseig, La punta (The church), Raco de la Calma ("Quiet place"), Palau Maricel ("Sea and Sky Palace"), Carrer d'en Bosch, Ajuntament (Town's hall), Carrer Major (Main street) and Cap de la Vila (We could say that is main square)...and directly to Soho to have a Drink..only ONE drink, at 01.00 we went to the bus stop , she leaves at 01.15. She loose the Sitges night :(

It was early but Romero was tired, he turn back home, But I decided to go with Uri to the Village...


Tirso (TB tirsomaldonado)

Eh? Who's there on the other side of "The Village"? TIRSO! I know Tirso for at least 20 years ago, a great guy and a real traveler, he and Kim are the responsables that I come to TB.

Tirso and I at Village

You know, youn didn't meet him if you didn't the "GUN MAN": Long drink at your trousers's pocket... Looking at your opponent eyes... Your hand rubbing the glass... AND DRINK THE LONGDRINK AS FAST AS YOU CAN!

Grrrrrrrrrrrr he wins the first one, not the second one! Typical longdrink : 70cl of alcohol (Rum, whisky, Gyn, Vodka...), 2 to 3 Ice Rocks and 20cl of refresh (Coke, lemmon, orange...). We take a pair!

At 3.30...4Am Back home, I wanna save money for the August holidays!

yadilitta says:
Posted on: May 21, 2008
ratu says:
Hala! como te pasas :)
Posted on: May 19, 2008
najiah10 says:
IDIOT. hahaha.
Posted on: May 19, 2008
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At the Baluard 
Small square be…
At the "Baluard" Small square b…

Pic taken by Romero
Surprise! Pic taken by Romero
Tirso and I at Village
Tirso and I at Village
Romeros car on place nº
Romero's car on place nº
First pic!
First pic!
La Punta, the church

Pic by Naj…
La Punta, the church Pic by Na…
Raco de la calma
Raco de la calma
Najiah and I

Pic by Najiah
Najiah and I Pic by Najiah
The Gun-man
"The Gun-man"
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photo by: jordirochblom