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During my first 10 weeks in Thailand I was stuck in the middle of our Peace Corps training. We would all gather at this place called "The Hub" and learn about culture and other nifty things. But this "Hub" was also a government run training facility that had people from all over. Now most of the time when we got together, we would (or at least I would) drift through the day trying to stay awake and drawing pictures on the handouts I was given, kind of like college. Then once the session ended we would ride our awesome bikes into town and buy copious amounts of alcohol for our evenings together. Anyways, one of these days we had an international sports day with the various inhabitants that were staying there. So one morning as I was walking to breakfast I met these two women from Bhutan. "Where the hell is that" I asked in a more polite way I hope. After some talking they informed me that their national export is Happiness. What a bunch of hippies I thought to myself, but then developed a strange desire to see this place. Then about 5 months after training Jordan tells me her parents are going to Bhutan and wondered if I'd want to go. Knowing only that they exported happiness and seemed slightly insane I quickly accepted.

Then finally came October of this year and it was time for the trip. Our flight was meant to depart at 5:50am se we had a short night and headed off around 3:30am to the airport. We found our place to check in and got in line. After a fun wait we got up to the front and were informed that we had been bumped. No big deal, we'll take the next flight, bad part is that it didn't leave until 12:50. Thus meaning we had 8 hours of free time at the airport. While we sat there debating the pros and cons of stabbing the attendant, we eventually decided to get some coffee and play cards instead. But finally we made it and took off to Paro.

The flight over was quick and enjoyable, albeit on a small plane. Landing in this lovely place was a terrifying experience for me. Bhutan is comprised of huge mountains and has an abnormally small airport landing strip. After some huge twists and turns just before landing we arrived. We met our nifty little tour guides and headed off to Thimpu which is the capital city. That evening we just relaxed and enjoyed some Bhutanese dishes. Their potato curry and Amidatse (sliced bell peppers mixed with cheese) were delectable and we washed it down with some rice whiskey that tasted like sour pig urine.

lisa says:
I'm planning to go there in the summer! Which tour operator did you use?
Posted on: Apr 14, 2009
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photo by: Deats