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The afternoon feeding at the center was much better, less crowded and more Orang Utans.  After the feeding Jordan and I set off on a trail to see the "water hole"  We only had flip flops and the trip was quite muddy.  That was the least of my worries though as I became introduced to the Asian Leech.  They are probably the grossest thing I've ever seen and they can jump!!  We ended up making it 3/4 of the way, but decided to turn back after some Brits told us we were crazy to go there without boots.  On the way back though I was attacked by a leech!!!  I saw it for about 1 second before freaking out and slamming my foot into the ground at least 15 times.  When my freakout ended I saw the blood between my toes where it got me, but I got the last laugh as it's dead.
  Once again proving I'm quite a force to be reckoned with. 

But the craziest bit came right as we got off the trail and back onto the boardwalk.  It was about 4:30pm and the park had closed so we were on our own.  Just as we turned right towards the exit we came across 20-30 pig tailed macaques.  It was the coolest thing because there was so many of them, and becuase they were right next to us!  We took some good photos of them and watched them approach us.  After a few minutes we decided that we could walk through them.  After our 3rd step the alpha-male jumped from the railing to a tree and growled at us.  His mouth was wide open and all his teeth were showing.  It was at this point I nearly wet myself, but was more paralyzed with fear.  We slowly walked away while being followed by their whole crew.  It was identical to those scenes in "Night of the Living Dead" but with monkeys.  We ended up making it out of the park alive and without being attacked, it was quite the afternoon. 

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photo by: canuck_downunder05