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Hmmm Belgium Waffles, have to get some!!!

This is my third meetup that i am attending overseas and I couldn't go there and back without having issues with my flights haha... In JFK I encountered something I have never heard of before, and didn't think was even possible... but nothing is impossible when you are talking about Delta Airlines.  My Gate was TRIPLE BOOKED!!! Thats right, there was 3 planes scheduled to fly out of my gate AT THE SAME TIME!!! Bravo Delta :) The poor intern standing at the gate desk was being bombarded by hundreds of angry travellers lol... After we were transported to the planes standing in the middle of the runway and then waiting for what seemed to be forever, we finally took off 2 hours after scheduled... 

I knew that Sylvie and James were waiting for me at arrivals in Brussels so I headed straight there... I find both of them chillin just outside of the terminal, and we were off to Brussels.  A short train ride later we were in Brussels the capital city, there was a few things that I needed to see in Brussels, first the peeing statue, Mannaken Pis, then the Grand Place, and finally I couldn't leave without having some Belgian waffles!


BMatital says:
Posted on: May 20, 2008
ratu says:
Congrats Jeff, Featured Blog!
Posted on: May 19, 2008
jefrois says:
You missed out alex haha... the ones with the whipped cream were goood!
Posted on: May 18, 2008
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Hmmm Belgium Waffles, have to get …
Hmmm Belgium Waffles, have to get…
Hmmm that was good!
Hmmm that was good!
The symbol of Brussels, a peeing s…
The symbol of Brussels, a peeing …
James and Sylvie enjoying Brussels
James and Sylvie enjoying Brussels
Grand Palais in Brussels
Grand Palais in Brussels
photo by: Vlindeke