Our last visit at Qingchengshan, Dujiangyan, Chengdu

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I'd like to introduce two places neer Chengdu, one is Qingchengshan, another is Dujiangyan.

Qingchengshan is one of the ancient cradles of Daoism. The mountain has many Daoist temples and sites along the paths to its peak. The area is snow-free all year round and is known for its peaceful quiet.

And the Dujiangyan Irrigation system is a marvel of Chinese imagination. Before the completion of Dujiangyan, the plains around the Min River were prone to flash flooding. This was due to the fast moving river flowing down from the mountains and meeting level ground. It was in the Warring States period about 2200 years ago, that the engineer Li Bing and his son led the construction of the Dujiangyan irrigation system. This allowed the taming of the river and the irrigation of the surrounding lands.

But now...

After the earthquake occured at May 12, 2008, 95% of the buildings at the back of Qingchengshan where own the most loneness sightseeings  were destroied. Yinchanggou was also destroied and now disappeared from the land. And many people lost there lifes at Dujiangyan and other places.

I'm living in the center of Chengdu, these days there are many aftershocks and people got nervous whole day.

At April 30, we went to Qingchengshan for the short holiday. We spent 2 days there and back at May 1. And take many photos and now you cannot see them there.

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