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The world's tallest tipi...or something like that...on the way to Calgary

August 16th-Thursday

It seemed like it took forever! It was like 9 hours give or take,I don't like going by car, I rather go by plane lol. I just listened to my Ipod,slept,looked at magazines,and that's about it.When we got their it was supper time,ate at my uncles and aunts families house,and waited for my grandmas sister and husband to pick us up. We went to their house in Okotoks,went for a drive,looked at scrapbooks,and went in their hot tub! and off to bed!

August 17th-Friday

Started off in Okotoks (because that's where they live) and went into Calgary. Went to Ashley's ex boyfriends house, so she could pick up her mail, and I seen a black squirrel!! who knew those existed! lol.

Their new house
Jordan almost got hit by a bus, and a Pt cruiser.We went shopping at a mall (can't remember what it was called) Then instead of eating in the mall we decided to eat at Chucky Cheese!!! lmao! because we all always wanted to go there as kids and never did. So we ate pizza and played a few games lol, It was pretty fun. Then on the way back to there place we went to stop,and guess who crashes into the back of us! Jordan! lol, and it was on Deerfoot,so probably people thought it was weird we didn't get out to yell or get information for insurance,it's becuase we knew the person who crashed into us! lol.The cars weren't too badly damaged. Ashley got whip lash,so she went to the doctor. Then most of us went to Globalfest (fireworks competition to music), it was pretty good.Went in the hot tub then to bed.

August 18th-Saturday

So this day, we got up and ready, and went to see "Big Rock" a glacier Okotoks was named after. It was pretty cool, got some pics with it, if I wasn't wearing flip flops I would of attempted to climb to the top. Then we went on a shopping trip, starting with IKEA! It was amazing! wish I had more room to bring stuff with me. Went to a mall, and then went out for supper at a lil Chinese restaurant in Okotoks, which was really good. Then we had to go back to Uncle Cam's sisters house to sleep over, because we were leaving early to go back to Manitoba the next day :(

August 19th-Sunday

We got up early, left Calgary, and went back to Manitoba :(

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The worlds tallest tipi...or some…
The world's tallest tipi...or som…
Their new house
Their new house
Ashleys new car
Ashley's new car
Jordan & Amanda
Jordan & Amanda
42 km (26 miles) traveled
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photo by: Vikram