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Helen with the head of our goat - slaughtered especially for our party.
Woke up at 9am ready for John to pick up Eppie and I to go to the airport so we could change some travellers cheques. We also had to choose a goat to be slaughtered for our party that evening. We had the choice of either the goat being taken back to ours where it would be slaughtered in the garden, or for it to be killed at the slaughterhouse. We chose the latter.

We drove to the airport and changed the travellers cheques then went for a soda at one of the airport cafés. A lunchtime Coke turned into a midday Tusker! We were waiting for Steve - who would help us choose the best goat. Collins, one of John's friends was there with us. He was so funny! Steve finally arrived and so we headed off to the place to get the goat. It is called Athi River.

We got out of the car and looked at a herd of goats.
Helen with our goat - slaughtered especially for our party.
Steve patted and prodded them and after a while it looked like he had found the one he thought was best. I had my eyes on a different one, but apparently the one I saw was too young.

After negotiating a price with the Masai warrior who owned it, Eppie and I patted the goat on the head and it was led off to be slaughtered. John dragged Eppie and I to the slaughter house. The smell was dreadful and as we walked closer, I could see a blood spattered wall with dark pieces of congealed blood and other such horrors. As my eyes explored, I noticed a puddle of freshly flowing blood gathering on the stone floor. Then I noticed a goat laying on its side with a gaping hole in its neck.

Looking further, I noticed out goat laying on the floor with a man holding a knife to its neck.
Our party
The man sliced quickly and confidently across the goat's neck and it started to bleed out. I watched because I don't believe that you can just hide away from the fact that to get meat, you have to kill animals.

I continued watching until the previous goat started convulsing; spraying its blood all over Eppie's and my feet. We walked away to let what we had seen sink in.

We were then asked if we wanted to see our goat being skinned. I wanted to so we walked around to the other side of the slaughter house.

We got there just in time to see the goat being gutted. (We had missed the skinning). It was quite fascinating to watch. The intestines and stomach etc, came out in one package basically. A light purple coloured sack. Not gory or bloody (but not exactly pleasant either!)

The skin was taken to the tannery to make leather, and the innards were taken to be washed and cleaned ready for eating later at the party.
Our party

We walked back to the car and sat waiting for our goat to be 'delivered'. There were loads of storks flying around near the slaughterhouse amongs many other wild birds.

After a while, the goat was put into the back of the car. It smelled pungent. Freshly killed and still warm.

Then we drove back to the house to get ready for the party en route past the supermarket to buy booze for the party. We spent around £30 on alcohol - which is a lot when you consider the exchange rate.

On arrival back, the party started fairly quickly with people already having arrived - like Peter - the guy who showed me around Nairobi on my first day. Collins was also there. Then some more guests arrived including Betsy and her sister Eunice with two others (John's cousins, and friends of Lucy.
Collins - at our party
) Everyone started drinking and having a bit of a chat.

The party got wild really quickly - barbeque on the go - goat sausages, goat steaks, plenty of ugali (maize flour and water made into a solid cake)! There were also 3 crates of Tusker donated by one of John's friends.

The party started winding down at around 1am, and the dancing turned into drunken staggering. People started leaving and soon everyone had gone. We ate ice cream and went to bed, leaving the chaos until the morning to sort out.

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Helen with the head of our goat - …
Helen with the head of our goat -…
Helen with our goat - slaughtered …
Helen with our goat - slaughtered…
Our party
Our party
Our party
Our party
Collins - at our party
Collins - at our party
The slug Helen almost stood on.
The slug Helen almost stood on.
photo by: easyjobrob