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6am wake up as usual but this morning was different.

As I was waiting for the matatu, two girls I recognised from Madaraka Primary approached me and said I should come with them. I followed them to a car and they got in. I followed them and was introduced to Daniel Mugala, a parent of one of the children at the school. He said he would give me a lift into school to save me having to travel on the matatu. I gladly accepted and off he went.

We chatted about what I was doing in Kenya and he explained that he and his wife, Joyce, had a spare room at their house which they hired to travellers and tourists, and that they had a travel business offering tours and excursions. Joyce Mugala had a business of her own selling health supplements.

We arrived at school at 7am and instead of teaching right away, I let an hour drift away by sorting out my lesson plans and reading through my notes.

Soon enough, it was time for my first class to arrive. The lesson flew by and soon it was break time. I went to the staff room and had some chai. Kenyan chai is something else. Very sweet and milky. It is delicious.

Break time was over and it was soon time for my next class. These children were always very well behaved and quiet and seemed keen to learn. The lesson was soon over and lunch time had begun. I ate my dry bread roll with the children again and made some more flowers.

Lunch time over, it was time for my final class of the day. Before I had departed from the UK, I had purchased some childrens' activity books for the kids to use. That afternoon, they spent the whole time tracing and drawing the pictures and writing the names of the pictures in perfect English. The class ended too soon, and 4pm came around. I walked to the matatu stop and hopped on the number 15.

I got a bit of a fright on the way home. As we were coming up to my stop, the matatu just sped past it! I didn't have a clue where we were going. I asked the guy where we were going and if the matatu was going to stop in Langata. He said that the matatu does a loop and comes back round. So I stopped panicking and stayed on. We travelled through some of the other estates near mine, which was quite an eye-opener. There were markets and basic tin-roof houses and people milling all around. Livestock wandering across the road, and chickens clucking constantly.

We arrived at the place where I usually boarded in the mornings, feeling silly that I had panicked - almost every method of transport goes back the way it came! I alighted and thanked the guy I had spoken to.

I arrived back at an empty house, so I had a wash. Everyone arrived and I was told that we were going to the cinema that evening to see a film. We all got ready and waited for the MetroLine bus to take us into Nairobi city centre. Eppie had to leave the keys out for John because a new guy, who was staying for a few days after having been travelling around the country, was coming by later. His name was Reinot and he was from Holland.

We arrived at the cinema and bought tickets for 'Ray'. We waited for an hour before we were allowed into the theatre. I bought a Coke and some Maltesers - and ate most of them before going in! The Maltesers were so nice - just like the ones back home.

I had been developing a throat infection and a cough so I was coughing through most of the film. It finished at around 11:30. John came and picked us up and drove us towards a pub where he said he needed to finish a drink and conclude some business. We waited in the car for a while and Helen got out to find John and tell him to hurry up! As she did so, we listened to the terrible karaoke going on inside. We decided that we had to go there the following Wednesday to show everyone how karaoke is done!

John came out and we drove back, knackered and went to bed.

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Madaraka Estate
photo by: AlexandraQuinton