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Out to dinner on our first night. We ate pizza... go figure.

After a long night of traveling we arrived in Amsterdam Thursday morning.  The airline had of course lost our luggage and would send it to us by night at our hotel and it actually worked to our advantage.  We were instantly able to explore most of Amsterdam without lugging our suitcases around.

We took the train from the airport into the center of Amsterdam and visited the Netherlands National Monument and Dam Square.  It was basically just a big courtyard like area with not much to do but a great spot for pictures nonetheless.   Next, we ventured to the Anne Frank Huis.  It was the actual building where Anne and her family hid from the Nazis.
Red Light District
  It was really interesting to see how they lived in hiding for years on end and left us kind of sad. After that we went to get some lunch. We weren't sure what to expect of the food, but it's basically bread and cheese and it was phenomenal! We got the cheapest thing on the menu- still the worth of the american dollar stinks. After lunch we took a four person water bicycle through the canals. Sara and Ashley did all the cycling while Ally and Dana just sat back and enjoyed the ride. The scenery was beautiful, but we didn't understand why anyone would want to live on a boathouse on the canal. The whole canal was lined with boathouses. We ate dinner at a pizza place- real Amsterdam cuisine haha.We went to a coffe shop and the Red Light District to get the full Amsterdam experience.
Red Light District
And MY was it an interesting experience. We stayed in the Red Light District until midnight, but did no window shopping.  Then we ventured to Leidseplaim where there were a bunch of bars. Everyone sits outside facing the street to people watch we assumed. At one bar there was a live band and they sang American songs but it Dutch. In the other bars they played all American music, we must rule the music industry. Leaving the bars we were caught in a predictament because the trams shut down earlier. We tried to trek it home, but got tired and took a small fun little buggy home called a Tuk Tuk. The next day we slept in, then got free breakfast-- bread and cheese and hazelnut spread! Then we went to the Rijk Museum which is Amsterdam's national museum. Following the museum we went to the museum cafe and had lunch sitting outside. We all really love it here. It is beautiful!! We really stick out like sore thumbs though. There are not many attractive boys but they all seem to love us American girls. Overall we just had such a wonderful time, the weather was perfect and the people were super friendly, but now we are ready for our next stop... London tomorrow morning!!!!
bmattila says:
fantastic. crazy to hear american songs out there
hope all is well? is anyone feeling sick, hint hint!?!?!?!?
Posted on: May 27, 2008
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Out to dinner on our first night. …
Out to dinner on our first night.…
Red Light District
Red Light District
Red Light District
Red Light District
Rijksmuseum, Hollands National Mus…
Rijksmuseum, Hollands National Mu…
Sign in Museum Square
Sign in Museum Square
photo by: pearcetoyou