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This one's for all Bob's Eastern European honeys
Continuing the adventures of Little Big Boy, now finds our hero on site, taking in all the glories of the former Prussian Empire. It has been a short run for him, but in the year of his debut as my traveling gnome, he has be found at St Vitus Cathedral in Prague, the Great Wall of China, and the Summer Palaces in Beijing. If fate sees him through, he will soon be making a special appearance in St Petersburg and possibly London. Thanks for all those routing for him and his safe return. Eastern European women are quite hots on for him so I cannot guarantee his return, but he confided in me that he does certainly miss his LA Travbuddy Crew, so I think his homecoming is inevitable. Sorry to all Slavic women of Europe, if he could put the burger down he would be blowing you all kisses.

RobtheTraveler says:
That's so cold girl. Big Boy doesn't need no charity, nor does he ride solo, even for one of his LA Core Group ladies. Now, if his riding bag happens to be attached to his owner, and that owner were ... per say ... somehow also in Nice, I could arrange a private outing for you two. No guarantees. He does have his devoted, French hotties waiting, but I will remind him that a LA Core Crew Girl does take precedence.
Posted on: May 21, 2008
pvtjoy says:
Blowing kisses to Big Boy... LA Core Crew's infamous mascot. Maybe I'll take him to Nice on his owners birthday...Can't you see it Big Boy and pvtjoy sharing a nice dry red over in the Cote de Azur?
Posted on: May 20, 2008
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I really do not remember what exactly I did today. I know we worked show until about 1700hr and then I think we were supposed to go get dinner, but Steve, Eric and I went a-wall while on the way and ditched the crew to go shooting because the clouds were just epic. Here are some of the fun shots.
This ones for all Bobs Eastern E…
This one's for all Bob's Eastern …
About as close to a church as Bob …
About as close to a church as Bob…
Taking in the glories of Prague Ca…
Taking in the glories of Prague C…
Attack of the marionettes!
Attack of the marionettes!
photo by: vulindlela