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Today was a day of travel, to say the least.  Awaking at 4 am to see off my UofHawaii homegirls - they are off to other parts of Eastern Europe, I then packed up shop and put myself on a train to Vienna.  Why Vienna?  Simple, the only way to travel light is to ditch your gear.  Our hotel in Vienna was kind enough to store my luggage while I travel around so I figured I´d stop in and drop off some more stuff for them.  So that was Budapest to Vienna.  From there, I needed to catch my flight.  Well, that just so happened to be in Bratislava, Slovakia.  So, again, off I go.  Another train to a bus to an airport.  From there it was off to Barcelona!  The flight was smooth and I had good company throughout.
  Then it was a bus for an hour´s long ride to Barcelona.  Unfortunately, being a tired traveler with no map and no money in a country you are not familiar with at midnight when the metro is about to close is not a recipe for success.  Luckily, through the guidance and help of strangers, I caught the last metro towards my hostel.  Then, of course, an hour of searching the streets with no map until a kind lady at a hostel gave me a map and circled where I had to go.  Long story short, it was an interesting day.  No complaints, it was just interesting in a way that I have not experienced yet on this trip.  Thus far, the ïnteresting things always involve amazing architecture or people.  This time, it was coordinating travel , trusting your gut and making things happen.  Luckily all worked out for the best...

With no set schedule I am not sure what tomorrow brings.  Sightseeing?  Beaches?  Both?  We´ll see, it will, of course, be interesting.

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photo by: fivepointpalm