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So we ended up in Luxembourg yesterday.  We are staying at a hotel at the top of a huge wall that used to protect the city from invasion.  Very very cool.  I will, yet again, attempt to upload photos but either my connection is too slow or I am just too slow to get it to work.  After arriving we were given the remainder of the day to get lost and check out the town.  After a nice cheap dinner of falafel we decided to follow some people wearing Germany soccer jerseys in order to find the best spot to watch the Turkey vs. Germany EuroCup match.  They led us to a huge city square filled with a mob of people, a giagantic outdoor screen and a stage with two DJs and topless (yet painted) dancers!  I don't know if anyone else caught the match but man, it was awesome!  Final: 3-2 Germany (scoring in the 89th minute).
  I have some pretty sweet videos of it that I will upload as soon as I can.  Pictures too.  It was just a huge party in the street with beer gardens, painted faces, flags, German and Turkish fight songs and us (well, except for Greg.  He decided it would be better to watch the game on a small tv at a random falafel house... he really loves his falafels).  We found some students from our program there and partied with them during the game.  EuroCup has made this trip even better than I could have expected - the fans love their teams and know how to throw a party.

Today we went to the European Court of Justice, which is the EU's version of the Supreme Court, and sat in on an anti-trust hearing involving a Spanish oil company and one of their local petrol distributors.
  It was cool to be in the audience of such an important court and it was even cooler to listen to the proceedings in the 11 different languages it was being translated into in real time.  You just sit back (in some very comfy chairs might I add) and flick through the different channels to listen to the different languages.  I was relieved to finally see a trial after having been in a variety of courts over the past week.  Up to this point we had simply been having class in the various courts but today we actually saw the court in action.  Nice job Capitals of Europe Program!

I have to say that I had the best 15-minute nap of my life today (I love me some 15 minuters).  With a view from our hotel room overlooking the valley below and the old castles and buildings above, I took a quick siesta with the windows open.
  A slight breeze came through the large open windows and after about 15 minutes I awoke to the distant ringing of the church bells.  Fully refreshed, I lay on the bed and just listened to the bells with a big smile on my face.  It will probably be the one nap that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Tonight we went back to the city square to watch Spain vs. Russia in EuroCup action.  Final: 3-0 Spain in a blowout.  It was a lot of fun but not nearly as cool as the Turkey/Germany game.  At this point that is fine, I could use the sleep.

Oh yeah, by the way, we decided to take a little 3 day vacation from our vacation/study-abroad trip.  Where to you ask?  Paris.  See you there.

jonlongobardi says:
Thanks for the love Jess!
Posted on: Jun 29, 2008
jgordn says:
ps its jess gordon if you didnt figure that out!
Posted on: Jun 26, 2008
jgordn says:
hi! loving your blog and also loving that greg loves falafel. lots of love evidently!
Posted on: Jun 26, 2008
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