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Ah Budapest!  I was not quite sure what to expect of this city, some other students in our program told us a few weeks ago that they did not enjoy it.  I took that with a grain of salt and found Budapest to have some great sites.  I should first tell you about something I forgot about previously.  In our one night in Bratislava, the ladies of UofHawaii, Greg and I went out to dinner at a traditional Slovak restaurant.  We ended up sitting at a table with two female twentysomethings from Sweden.  We got to talking and found out that they too were only in town for the night before taking a train to Budapest.  Interesting how things work out sometimes.  When dinner was over they went their way and we went ours but not before we set a meeting time so we could all sit on the train together.

  We met up at the train station and traveled the 3-4 hour ride together.  They were really good people and now Greg and I have some friends in Stockholm should we ever find ourselves up that way! 


Flash forward to Monday night, a comedy of errors led us to an island between Buda and Pest but no party was to be found.  We wandered... and wandered... and eventually ended up in a completely residential area that, although safe, was not where we wanted to be.  Ah well, no big deal, we went back to the apartment the Hawaii girls rented and just watched movies... random but it was a good end to a random night.

Tuesday we went to do some sightseeing.  The House of Terror, although it sounds like a corny theme park ride, is actually the building that the Arrow Cross party (Hungarian Nazi Party) first occupied before WWII.  It was then occupied by the Russian Commies.  It was quite a sight to go into the dungeons.  The torture devices and original hangman's noose(s) were there on display.  Unfortunately photos were not allowed, I wish I could have showed you these things but it is probably for the best that I do not.

Ok, I gotta run since my internet bill at this cafe is climbing rapidly.  We are all leaving Budapest tomorrow.  Where to next?  You'll just have to check in again to find out.


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Dont drink and drive!
Don't drink and drive!
and now on to Spain!!
and now on to Spain!!
photo by: Chokk