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We read about this place called Nelson in our guide book and decided to make a stop off and take a look. We arrived in the late afternoon and went to hire a kayak as there was a lovely small island renown for birds and wildlife. Unfortunately we were too late as the boat yard was just closing - so then we had to think whether to stay overnight and do the tour tomorrow or just keep going on the journey. So after 30 mins - decisions on this trip was never easy :-) we decided to stay and went and found a B&B place close by - Nelson's Cottage -. Hmm not a normal bed - we got a really fancy 4 poster and a VERY soft mattress - hey who ordered the water bed! So after parking the car we thought lets walk round the village - hmmm ok 5 mins later that was done - not exactly a large village - just about 1 pub, a small kiosk come post office, a jail (actually the B&B now!).

Ok - whats around to go see - nothing - absolutely nothing! Just sat and watched the tide come in ...... yep that was it! Peace and nothing .... LOTS of nothing! Ahhhhh Dinner time! Great - lets find some food - Hmmmmmm big decision - now lets see - jail - nope ...... kiosk ........ not really ....... ahhhhh the PUB! Hotel Nelson - of course what else!  Interesting place - very relaxed local - the whole village was in there - well I guess there was not much else to do!   Now I am not a fan of deep fried food - I guess some people do but its not for me - so ...... menu!   45 mins later I still dont find much to eat - I am also vegetarian so thats alittle limiting too - finally chose the Fishermans Platter - i tried some discussions with waitress if she could pan fry my fish and spare me the batter torture - nope - only in the frier - OK well now I am hungry so - I can try and remove the batter after.
I have to say I do not like deep fried food - but that was all they offered in the pub/restaurant!
Well that was not too successful because after removing the batter I am not sure where the fish in the fishermans platter went! I cannot say this was the best meal I have ever eaten! Sorry nice village and lovely people but this didnt quite go down too well with us! Now after a "nice" meal out - we headed for bed - took ages to sleep - my stomach was still suffering from the fishless platter and the soggy fries!

Breakfast also revealed some fun too - do we attract this! Breakfast food was nice but hmmmm....... the woman serving us would suddenly spring into the room and shout "SURPRISE!"! - not sure what that was all about! Good breakfast - with a surprise! I think maybe the nothing in this place was getting to some people!

OK off to hire the kayak and get on this tour of the island .


Now we hired the kayak and headed out to paddle round the island. After a long time paddling we dont see to be getting anyway - more paddling ......... still not closer ....... paddling paddling ......Because of the strong current on the Glenelg River !  Hey why are all these locals now on the banks watching us ....... !Hmmmm!

Well as you can guess we didnt get to see the birds, islands or anything - after along time paddling we just went round in circles and got more tired - exhausted we gave up and go back - times up! All the locals seem to have enjoyed this immensely - we didnt!

Did we really stop overnight to do this - ohhhh man - what a trip!

Thanks for the nice stay Nelson - hope you survive the nothing - maybe we will come back and amuse you some more with our world class kayaking skills!


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I have to say I do not like deep f…
I have to say I do not like deep …
photo by: koala