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Here is one for you:
I have been going to the same Starbucks for a few weeks now. I couldn't take getting instant coffee every time I wanted a cup.  Or a really gross Ice coffee I got at the tattoo shop-definately do not try that, really not as good as it sounds and it doesn't sound that good.  It is really hot here so I wanted a iced coffee.  They offered me an Americano-shot of expresso and water.  I said "no I'd like a grande of regular coffee on ice." 
"Sir we don't have that here, would you like an Americano."  
"No thanks, I would like you to take a cup of ice and pour coffee over it."   
"No sir we don't have anything like that." 
"OK so no iced coffee?"
"No sir." 
"Well, let me ask you, just for sake of argument, what would happen, what would you get if you did take a cup of ice and poured coffee over it, what would you have then?"  
Blank stare. 
I always get into this, just because I think it is funny always the same.  Usually I end up asking for a cup of ice and a cup of coffee, stand at the counter, pour the coffee into the ice and say, "look, I made an iced coffee, cool huh?"
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