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So I finally got a chance to work out today.  I found a small gym in the middle of no where not surrounded by armed guards-nice for a change.  So here's how I remember it going down.  Mind you this is after a 14 hour day and very little sleep.  I was talking to some of the guys about wanting to work out to which they reply oh you can work out here, at work.  I walk in to the gym-where I felt like Zuess.  The heaviest weight was 25 lbs.  My daughter can lift that up with her pinky.  I mean really.  I hit the heavy bag for a while to which the guard walks up to check on things, sees me going nuts on the bag and slinks away, I laughed, rather loudly I think, I felt bad.  No not really but I would be a better person if I kept that to myself.

So I complained that this really wasn't cutting it and someone said I will take you to a gym on Wednesday.  Sweet.  Let's make that happen.  Absolutely stoked, Wednesday morning comes around, I pop a bunch of supplements to wake up and hop in the car.  Bass is booming as we hop along the road.  We turned down a couple side streets yada yada.  Dude turns and says hey, you got money right-oh crap.  Apparently the monthly dues-which are paid up front-are $500 PHP-about $5 US.  Nice.  We pull up to someone's house and walk in passed some guy working on a jeepney.  He looks at me in my little tucked in shirt and shined shoes like stupid american idiot.  Mind you its 7am and already like 85 with 89% humidity.  So it turns out this isn't a house-It's the gym.  Praise God, a gym with metal weight and stuff.  I walked to the back of the gym and this guy just eyes me, says something in Tagalan to which I nodded-like I knew what the heck he was saying-and gave him the money.  He throws a peice of paper at me and I'm good to go. 

The overall experience was surreal.  No AC, No Breeze, no women jumping up and down on their little tread mills listening to the latest in crap jazz.  Just Iron and HateBreed playing on my head.  I started loading up the weights to which the people there started gathering-apparently I had used up all the weight they had with one exersize.  Again f'in Zues.  Crap I love this place.  Really though, I am freakin so happy I finally found somewhere to hit weights where someone with a gun isn;t going to come stare at me and ask if everything is alright.  That kinda makes you a little nervous.  No really it does, I suggest you try it some time. 

So after I finished working out I went out and hit a rest. called Small Haus.  Freakin awesome.  It's a little hole in the wall rest where you walk through the main part of the rest and into the back and you can sit in an area that is outside but covered, really trippy.  I ate lkike a man for only the second time since I have been here.  Ahhhh manly eating is good no?  I ate a 16oz steak, 3 eggs-scrambled, rice, bacon and peanut butter cinnamon french toast.  Absolutely phenomenal.  Then I went home and crashed, fat and happy. Got to work 6 hours later and found a radio station that doesn't play warm soft rock, its online and goes over the work servers-the only one out here. 

To the good life. Today is a good day.

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photo by: planisphere