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Ok, so my cousin and I wanted to go out to experience the night life so after a 14 hour day, getting out of work at 2am, we headed out.  We caught a ride and asked our driver where we could go get some beers.  He suggested we head down to the fields.  What's down there we asked.  He said just many bars that you will really like, both indoor and outdoor.  Great lets go.  Yeah, the fields is, well, its the red light district.  I can definately say that everyone is nice, very accomodating, ha-ha.  Being there already we went into Angel Witch.  What I assumed would be a strip club, based on location and apperance wasnt exactly.  There were girls swaying back and forth on stage and old guys would call them down.  Great.  Dude, seriously, not for nothin but all I wanted was a freakin beer.  So we invited the driver in with us and I asked him if there were any regular bars, all I want is a beer and decent music.  He said no.  Really?  Come on, there has to be something, nope.  I still haven;t found anything but, I did go next door to Sub Delicious.  It was awesome-Check my review. So I stayed there and shot pool and drank myself silly until about 6am.  Every 10 minutes or so someone would knock on the window asking if I wanted any gum.  I kept showing my own pack so that I wouldn't feel so bad about saying no.  Around 6am I walked up and down the field just taking it all in.  There were people everywhere, the place never shuts down.  I watched as four people climbed on the back of a moped and sped away. Just as the sun was coming up a nice warm rain began to come down.  It felt so good.  Everyone ran to some shelter or pulled out their umbrellas and here's the stupid american walking in the middle of the road getting lightly soaked by the falling rain.  To me it felt great, so refreshing, like finally getting a shower after days of being on a plane.  My cousin caught up with me and we caught a ride back to the house.  From there I finally figured out how to use my phone and I called my family for the first time since I left.  I got to speak with my daughter for a few minutes.  She sounded really different to me.  So articulate for a two year old-almost three.  My son didn't want to talk, that broke my heart.  But such is life.  I crashed shortly after, woke up and hit the gym.  I took out so much frustration with everything on a punching bag for about 30 minutes.  I must have been hitting it pretty hard because the security guard came up to see if everything was ok.  BTW, at every entrance to where I work, there are guards with shot guns, I feel safe...

Oh, and yesterday I also went grocery shopping, can I just say, holy crap! The SM makes our stores look like a convinience store.

jen_proudlypinay says:
SM clarck is nothing compared to Mall of Asia. Man, it's definitely HUGE! =)
Posted on: May 16, 2008
yheleen says:
ow.. you must be missing your kids much.. don't worry about your son too much - he'll warm up soon.. he must be missing you..

and how cute of your daughter.. 2 year old being articulate? haha,you must be a proud papa :)
Posted on: May 15, 2008
yheleen says:
hahaha.. which SM did you go? have you been into the Mall of Asia or the Megamall? :)
Posted on: May 15, 2008
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