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So this is my last week here in the philippines.  I was sitting today thinking about things and I have to say that this has been a really great experience.  This morning I was so tired.  Beyond tired in fact.  I sent an illegible text to my director trying to say I was going to go home a crash and I just sent a bunch of letters sometimes separated by a space.  As I was leaving I realized that I was really hungry. After fighting with myself for a while I decided to go to Sub D for breakfast.  I sat in the restaraunt reading Chuck Klosterman IV,one of the best books ever written.  When I started thinking about everything I've been through here and all the people I have met.  Now to tell you I have always wanted my life to be like a movie.  Like when certain events happen, I would love to have music playing that fit the circumstance.  It would be awesome. So I am sitting there reading, drinking a San Mig waiting on my food, the smoke from my ciggarette slowly drafting up to the cieling.  There were no other customers and just the slow sad shadow of passers by outside of the window I was sitting in.  When out of no where fucking Air Supply comes blaring out of the speakers.  I really thought for a minute I was dreaming it.  I'm all out of love I'm so lost without you... I thought I was dreaming I was in a ceesy 80's movie.  What made it even better was the dude who walks in wearing short shorts and a rat tail mullet.  Awesome.  For the next half hour I was bombarded with slow cheesy 80's love songs.  I almost started rocking in the corner crying.  But it did fit the scene so well.  I really have met so many wonderful people, had dinner with some friends I met here, assaulted the ears of passers by playing a couple songs, hung out on the beach, been to about 50 malls, ect ect.  I can't wait to write the final blog entry when I get back.  To in essence close the book on this trip.  After I got done I decided to take a trike home to feel the cool breeze on my face.  It was a great morning of reflection and introspection.  I am going to miss it here, but I am also ready to head home to my family, good food, good coffee and the thought of future travels.

This weekend I will be in Makati from Saturday until Tuesday morning when I leave-I will DEFINATELY be writting about my experience at the Hobbit House-a bar run by midgits-seriously awesome.  I hope they break out into random verse or song.

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