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After a delightful brunch with Matt (matrilla) and Mel (mellemel8) in Los Feliz, I made my way to LAX and got there at about 1:30 pm.  My flight was at 6 pm this evening…WTF was I going to the airport so early?!?  Well…I had to park my car at the airport and because I was taking a red eye flight back home then going straight to work on Monday morning.  Plus my on-line ticket didn’t allow me to pick my seat so I figured if I was the first one checking in, I could request an aisle seat because I have chronic knee pain. 

I parked my car at off site parking at Parking Lot C.  I drove around a bit looking for shaded parking…SCORE…found a spot underneath an overpass so my car wouldn’t bake.  From the Lot C shuttle depot, I took the free shuttle which dropped me off at the Delta terminal.

The full service check in line was basically empty because everyone was at the self check-in kiosks. I was second in line at the full service check in.  I waited for quite a bit because the Delta agent was taking way too long doing something behind the counter.  While waiting, I couldn’t help but watch another couple at the full service check in.  Wish I didn’t stare because the woman was wearing sheer black tights that showed her underoos…NOT a pretty sight!!!  Anyways, the Delta ticket agent tried to be accommodating but my request for an aisle seat wouldn’t be filled until boarding…CRAP…but she was nice enough to enroll me into the Delta Skymiles program on the spot.   

Oh goodie…I get to wait at the airport for about 3 hours…what to do…what to do!   I browsed the magazine and book stacks for quite awhile.  I wasn’t sure if I’d get a meal on the flight so I got a snack from the CPK Express…tortilla soup, orange juice, and bottled water for 13 BUCKS!!!...what a rip off…I should have bought something outside of the airport!!!

Fast forward to 5:30 pm, the other passengers started boarding the plane, I was still walking on egg shells because I hadn’t been assigned a seat yet…WTF!!!  Worst case scenarios came rushing into my head…I had to get on this flight to Hawaii.  Then…sigh of relief…my name was called…seat number issued…ticket scanned…and I’m on the plane…now to find my seat.  I walk down the aisle people staring, passengers blocking my way through, me not knowing how far back I’m seated…then alas…I’m in the final row by the latrines and the galley…at least I got my aisle seat!!!

I love air travel…I love the thunderous motion of the plane speeding down the runway, the noises of plane parts moving flaps and what not, the rush of adrenaline from the ride, and the brief moment of weightlessness at actual lift off…LOVE IT!

The flight takes about 5 ½ hours and WOW…they are actually giving us food on the flight…chicken swimming in BBQ sauce, corn kernels, some sort of mashed up starch, bread, salad, and the best part a brownie.  Not the greatest in-flight meal but I ate the damn thing because I paid for it!


alicegourmet says:
Oh to Hawaii actually have some yucky meals included. I've never expect too much about the plane food unless you are traveling with the Singapore Airline or Cathay Pacific on the First Class. I will focus on the gourmet at my destination instead!!! Looking forward to seeing your pictures! ;)
Posted on: May 14, 2008
hirondellenhi says:
I'm sad and envious!!!You guys are all abandoning me for the beautiful beach in october!!
Posted on: May 14, 2008
mellemel8 says:
hurry with the pics!!!! :P :P :P
Posted on: May 14, 2008
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