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Fun snacks..mmm.what's next

There were some days when we walked on the streets in Shanghai and Hangzhou, we didn’t have a proper lunch in restaurants. We just bought whatever street food/snacks that looks good. Surprisingly most of them are pretty good! At first we were a little worry if the foods are clean…hey, we didn’t get sick! We can do it again tomorrow! It was extremely cheap and this saves us some times when we just need to walk and see more things.


The one that we love, we didn’t even know the name. We just name it as Egg Roti. It looks like an Indian bread, you have a choice either you want it plain or with an egg, meat floss or even lettuce. We choose the one with egg. We fell in love when we had the first bite. It was steamy hot (so we don’t need to worry if it’s clean) it has a taste of Chinese spice with taste of egg….yummy!!


The other one we like is onion pancake (again, we named it ourselves) It looks like a very thin pancake, crunchy outside and soft inside with a taste of green onion. It cost only CNY1 and fills me up! This will be a very good on the road breakfast or afternoon snack!


Charlie loves the one that looks like a tart; we named it as pop tart. The crust is crunchy and soft inside, I can’t figure out what was it inside but it tasted sweet and very good! It is not too sweet and it goes well with the crunchiness!!


I like the bean curd on a stick. There were 2 pieces of bean curd on a bamboo stick ( like satay ) and it was soak in a big pot of brown colored soup, I think it is a soap that consist of Chinese spices. It tasted like a cinnamon toast but it is a bean curd, so we named them as cinnamon toast.


There were many candy shops in Shanghai. We like the one that wrapped in a paper that looks like a bar of soap. It is fluffy and soft. Some makes out of black sesames, some makes out of peanuts and some makes out of walnut and many more different flavors.


We also like the vegetable bun. The Chinese call them Bau. It is a bun that has different stuffing like beef, pork, and vegetable. One Bau will definitely fill me up!


While walking on the snacks/shopping street in Hangzhou - Qing He Fang street, there were varieties of local snacks. One that I can’t forget is called the “Dragon whiskers candy” It used to be the snack of the King in the old days! It was sweet and fluffy - quite fun to eat if you don’t mind to get your shirt full of flour…


We saw some weird food on that street -  Fried rabbit head?!  Cow guts stew ?! We are not that adventurous…..


One must definitely try their stir fried dumpling when visiting Shanghai. It is one of their signature local foods. It usually comes in a plate of 6; dip it in a vinegar source that comes together with it…Yummy…

bodtkd says:
You sound a little more adventurous than I am when it comes to eating new things.
Posted on: May 14, 2008
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Fun snacks..mmm.whats next
Fun snacks..mmm.what's next
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