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In Arequipa we bought a trip to the Colca Canyon. It was a two day bus trip and the price depends on what kind of hotel/motel/hostel you will choose for the night, but overall the price was pretty good.

The ride in the bus was kinda boring and the guide was corny, but the views and the stops we made were amazing!!! Our first stop was at a store, where we had a chance to buy Coca leaves. Yes, the plant you make the drug from. At the bus, our guide showed us how to chew it and explained the reasoning behind chewing the leaves. It actually speeds up your blood flow, therefore you get enough oxygen to your heart and rest of the organs. It is very helpful once you are very high up in the mountains as there is not enough oxygen in the air.

Once we started climbing up the mountains it got really cold, so we stopped at the flea market. I got myslef a peruvian hat made out of llama and alpaca fur. I LOVE it! I still use it! It always keeps me warm, is so delicate in touch an cost me $10!!!! Can't beat that!

Climbing higher and higher, you feel the need to breathe deeper. We chewed on our colca leaves and my mouth became numb on the side i was chewing the plant on. It's one of the effects..... When we stopped on one of the highest points on our trip, I really needed to go to the bathroom, we were told there will be one. Once I saw it I ran! I was fine, but my friends had to stop and sit every few steps. I guess my colca was working better than theirs, hehe. I didn't really feel the difference in breathing. My boyfriend got so dizzy he had to sit for good few minutes before he got a little better.  So I see this beautiful little hut, and figured it's the bathroom, I was so happy. I walk thru the door, and there is a hole in the ground in the middle of the hut, and that's where you do your business. It was really funny and suprising, but I must say I anjoyed that surprise. I was happy I was somewhat isolated, even though I was able to see everything thru many holes in the hut. But who cares?!

On the next stop, we also got a beautiful view of the vulcanoes, and saw the feedings of alpacas and llamas. Most are domesticated so I got to pet few. They are beautiful animals.

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photo by: venusgurl28